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Using Blueprints with Blazegraph

Blueprints is an open-source property graph model interface useful for writing applications on top of a graph database. Gremlin is a domain specific language for traversing property graphs that comes with an excellent REPL useful for interacting with a Blueprints database. Rexster exposes a Blueprints database as a web service and comes with a web-based workbench application called DogHouse.

Getting Started with Gremlin

To get started with Blazegraph via Blueprints, Gremlin, and Rexster, start by getting your Blazegraph server running per the instructions NanoSparqlServer.

Blazegraph comes with an ant task to download, unpack, and configure a Gremlin console for use with Blazegraph:

ant gremlin

You can then start the Gremlin console and begin interacting with Blazegraph:

\,,,/          (o o) -----oOOo-(_)-oOOo----- 

From Gremlin (or Blueprints code) you can then connect to the Blazegraph server and upload the sample GraphML file:

gremlin> import com.bigdata.blueprints.* 
gremlin> g = new BigdataGraphClient("http://localhost:9999/bigdata") 
gremlin> g.loadGraphML("./ant-build/gremlin-groovy-2.5.0/data/graph-example-1.xml") 
gremlin> g.V gremlin> g.E 

Using Embedded Instance

Using a Remote Instance