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JIRA Ticket Trac Ticket Summary Status
83 BLZG-59 Add BSBM to the CI performance builds New
93 BLZG-62 Setup CI performance builds New
139 BLZG-72 ITextIndexer should implement ILocatableResource, IMutableResource New
239 BLZG-89 Use the svn:eol-style property to handle end of line conversions. New
240 BLZG-90 TemporaryRawStore should use RWStore, not DiskOnlyStrategy New
255 BLZG-92 Retro fit the rule engine to attach constraints dynamically to predicates. New
459 BLZG-127 Code review for IRawStore, DirectBufferPool, and NodeSerializer classes New
538 BLZG-137 ServletContainer shutdown warnings New
552 BLZG-142 Retry star-join operator on journal and cluster. New
795 BLZG-163 Resource leaks and deadlocks (CI for HA) New
860 BLZG-167 Create SPARQL level test suite for GAS Service New
978 BLZG-175 Create RPM Packages for Bigdata Delivery New
1057 BLZG-185 EARLReport New
1121 BLZG-190 Workbench must provide editable window to configure/clone namespace New
1123 BLZG-191 Junit4 runner problems in eclipse New
1128 BLZG-192 Enable group commit by default (release 1.5.2) New
1157 BLZG-195 BlazeGraph release 1.5.2 New
1159 BLZG-196 Support HDFS for highly available shard storage New
1170 BLZG-197 BlazeGraph release 2.0 (Scale-out GA) New
1173 BLZG-198 EXPLAIN query for embedded applications New
1197 BLZG-200 1.5.2 benchmarks New
1209 BLZG-203 Figure out how to run proxy test suite classes under maven New
1236 BLZG-204 Add section on jetty configuration to NSS wiki page New
1239 BLZG-205 Discuss options for an improved EXPLAIN New
1250 BLZG-206 Code review and concepts for provably correctness for abort code paths New
38 BLZG-244 Point in time rollback and versioning New
45 BLZG-249 Implement spatial indices and support SPARQL GIS query extensions. New
161 BLZG-338 Adler32 checksums require multiple copies between the C and Java heaps New
210 BLZG-376 Adjust B+Tree leaf split points to chose shorter separator keys. New
212 BLZG-378 Records must store the as-written length for HA failover reads to be successful. New
215 BLZG-381 RWStore / TemporaryStore interaction when performing incremental truth maintenance New
231 BLZG-397 BackchainAccessPath is not integrated into the new QueryEngine. New
277 BLZG-428 BSBM date time problem New
325 BLZG-466 Node._getChild(int) - why is synchronization required? New
354 BLZG-491 Index data records should store index UUID and record version number for forensic recovery New
403 BLZG-533 Vector the query engine on the native heap New
417 BLZG-547 SPARQL casting operations on inline IVs are very expensive. New
419 BLZG-549 Stack overflow error when clearing a context New
434 BLZG-560 Simplify tracking of address release for B+Tree and HTree New
483 BLZG-604 Eliminate unnecessary dechunking and rechunking New
502 BLZG-618 Allow aggregates in ORDER BY clause New
507 BLZG-622 Pipeline solutions from a remote/external SERVICE call. New
509 BLZG-624 Uncorrelated SERVICE joins New
510 BLZG-625 Blank nodes in SERVICE graph patterns. New
511 BLZG-626 FILTER verses REGEX replacement to BIND variables New
522 BLZG-637 SPARQL UPDATE should not materialize RDF Values New
529 BLZG-641 Improve load performance New
536 BLZG-647 Optimizer should detect identical sub-selects New
547 BLZG-653 AST Optimizer hot spots New
551 BLZG-657 N-Way joins New
582 BLZG-685 IStriterator does not support close() protocol for IFilter/IFilterTest New
588 BLZG-690 JSON-LD New
606 BLZG-705 Array limits in truth maintenance code. New
641 BLZG-734 PSOutputStreams should use per-store pool to recycle buffers. New
660 BLZG-752 Missing inferences with EquivalentClass New
661 BLZG-753 Result of BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection#export do not preserve statement context. New
685 BLZG-777 BigdataSail configuration problems with Sesame WAR New
697 BLZG-788 SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol Support New
735 BLZG-824 Provide an XHTML response for SPARQL UPDATE requests New
742 BLZG-829 Offsite replication for HA replication cluster New
744 BLZG-831 Static analysis of variable bindings to constants in UNION escapes the UNION New
749 BLZG-836 IndexOutOfBoundsException: Too large New
762 BLZG-847 DumpJournal does not protect against concurrent updates (NSS) New
781 BLZG-865 WITH and USING in UPDATE New
786 BLZG-869 REST API does not support gz files for POST with URLs or POST with BODY New
800 BLZG-881 Fail join groups containing a required join with a zero cardinality count (optimization) New
809 BLZG-890 Simple optionals are not optimized in sub-selects New
834 BLZG-912 Probe server to see if local file is available in path load mode New
840 BLZG-918 Turn on and off incremental truth maintenance and kick off database at once closure New
870 BLZG-946 OneOrMorePath SPARQL property path expression ignored New
875 BLZG-951 JSON RDF Upload New
897 BLZG-973 SampleCode fails on historical read with New
898 BLZG-974 bds:search and alternative property path error New
900 BLZG-976 Better error message for no full text index New
903 BLZG-977 Limit query output to workbench New
921 BLZG-995 lifecycle + structure of FullTextIndex and related objects New
956 BLZG-1021 optimizer = None and FILTER EXISTS New
959 BLZG-1024 Add pagination to namespaces list New
962 BLZG-1027 Support auto-replication of bad or missing HALogs during startup. New
1025 BLZG-1078 sparql: combining union, graph, construct New
1048 BLZG-1099 BigdataSailUpdate.execute() commits the connection New
1053 BLZG-1104 Support use of journals of machines with incorrect clocks New
1055 BLZG-1106 Change RDFParser configuration to use BasicParserSettings New
1056 BLZG-1107 Add ability to set RIO options to REST API and workbench New
1064 BLZG-1113 * does not include var only set in values New
1065 BLZG-1114 support (date - duration) New
1070 BLZG-1118 The workbench (1.4.0) does not expand namespace prefixes New
1088 BLZG-1135 N-Triples parser problems with non Ascii chars New
1090 BLZG-1137 workbench errors in safari browser with CONSTRUCT queries New
1093 BLZG-1139 strange inheritance New
1094 BLZG-1140 Lang literals are not of String type New
1107 BLZG-1153 Problems with SERVICE query New
1119 BLZG-1164 Support TinkerPop3 APIs New
1122 BLZG-1166 Converge deployers and documentation on a well-known port (REST API) New
1145 BLZG-1184 Workbench "Clone" namespace blocks for concurrent LOAD (GROUP_COMMIT) New
1148 BLZG-1187 BigdataSailFactory.connect() doesn't support load balancing end-point New
1150 BLZG-1189 CI deadlock (NSS, GROUP_COMMIT) New
1163 BLZG-1198 Full text search in sub-query doesn't work. New
1164 BLZG-1199 Conformance of xsd:date to XSD 1.1 (RDF 1.1) New
1166 BLZG-1200 REGEX not working for string literals with language tags New
1168 BLZG-1202 Groups with unbound values ignored by aggregate queries New
1169 BLZG-1203 'select distinct' queries drop resources New
1176 BLZG-1208 removeAll() removes axioms also (Truth Maintenance) New
1178 BLZG-1210 Optimize hasStatement() New
1181 BLZG-1213 bigdata-rdf jini Configuration dependency New
1186 BLZG-1218 Strange error when using INSERT DATA New
1188 BLZG-1220 com.bigdata.ganglia.TestGangliaListenerShutdown fails due to blocking NIO. New
1196 BLZG-1226 Enable BigdataEmbeddedFederationSparqlTest tests in CI New
1200 BLZG-1228 RDF reification in SPARQL queries is not translated to RDR semantics New
1201 BLZG-1229 SPARQL* not parsed in SPARQL UPDATE New
1202 BLZG-1230 SPARQL parser should not automatically inject PREFIX declarations New
1203 BLZG-1231 SPARQL* fails to recognize nested statement in object position New
1204 BLZG-1232 RDR metaticket New
1208 BLZG-1234 BigdataGraphClient Transaction Support New
1228 BLZG-1236 Recycler error in 1.5.1 New
1230 BLZG-1238 RDR Query Optimizer Enhancements New
1231 BLZG-1239 TRiG export New
1233 BLZG-1241 time out query hint New
1234 BLZG-1242 control over echo-back of sparql update New
1237 BLZG-1244 Allow queries to execute with different priority levels New
1238 BLZG-1245 Minimize GC OH and bound memory for analytic query mode (meta-ticket) New
1240 BLZG-1246 External Solr index bridge New
1242 BLZG-1248 RTO for quads New
1243 BLZG-1249 Native memory implementation of ORDER BY New
1244 BLZG-1250 Generalized Aggregation with HTree New
1245 BLZG-1251 Allow analytic mode operators to spill to disk New
1246 BLZG-1252 Flatten sub-selects for improved join ordering New
1247 BLZG-1253 Use GROUP BY to defer STAR JOIN expansion New
1248 BLZG-1254 NSS RDF Post of application/sparql-results+json causes Exception New
1249 BLZG-1255 AbstractJournal has RWStrategy tests where it should test on IAllocationManager New
1254 BLZG-1259 All REST API operations should be cancelable from both REST API and workbench. New
1256 BLZG-1260 New Method to Allow Graph Snippets in Blueprints New
1199 BLZG-30 External Solr Search Done
43 BLZG-247 Record level compression Accepted
64 BLZG-265 Runtime query optimization Accepted
151 BLZG-334 RWStore.write() only accepts ByteBuffers with an accessible array() and zero array offset. Accepted
168 BLZG-344 Mavenization of bigdata Accepted
237 BLZG-402 CI deadlock in com.bigdata.concurrent.TestLockManager.test_multipleResourceLocking_resources10_locktries10 Accepted
253 BLZG-415 BSBM Q5 performance optimization Accepted
316 BLZG-461 AbstractTask uses one TemporaryStoreFactory per read-only or read/write tx task. Accepted
490 BLZG-611 Mock IV / TermId hashCode()/equals() problems Accepted
585 BLZG-688 GIST (Generalized Indices) Accepted
659 BLZG-751 HA + MemoryManager Accepted
668 BLZG-760 JoinGroup optimizations Accepted
722 BLZG-813 HA5 test suite Accepted
752 BLZG-839 conformance with (SELECT Exprs) Accepted
758 BLZG-844 bds:search bds:search Accepted
767 BLZG-852 MINUS and UNION Accepted
768 BLZG-853 quads and alpp Accepted
769 BLZG-854 update and alpp Accepted
771 BLZG-856 named solution set inside named subquery Accepted
773 BLZG-858 alpp performance hole Accepted
775 BLZG-859 HAJournal start() (optimization) Accepted
794 BLZG-876 BIND not executed before SERVICE call. Accepted
807 BLZG-888 native distinct in quad mode (insert/delete) Accepted
833 BLZG-911 FROM NAMED clause doesn't work properly Accepted
839 BLZG-917 distinct push down optimization Accepted
889 BLZG-965 Rationalize the servlets and URLs for webapp to support security, administration, and load balancing Accepted
896 BLZG-972 poor optimizer choice: split query into separate components? (simple OR in property path) Accepted
917 BLZG-991 bigdataNSS should return 1 on "status" command Accepted
918 BLZG-992 Unify the Bigdata Installation Trees Accepted
930 BLZG-998 Quads mode RDR support and test suite Accepted
947 BLZG-1013 Delete namespace bug (HA only) Accepted
948 BLZG-1014 Create/Destroy of KB followed by Create with different Vocabulary causes runtime exception Accepted
952 BLZG-1017 Support JSON LD Accepted
953 BLZG-1018 poor filter placement Accepted
958 BLZG-1023 SystemProperty vs Property Accepted
970 BLZG-1033 bigdataHA invoking HARestore: Check for Volume before mounting Accepted
994 BLZG-1052 Property Path operator can become CPU bound Accepted
1031 BLZG-1084 sparql endpoint URI in service description is incorrect Accepted
1039 BLZG-1091 QUADS mode default graph access path does not support analytic query mode Accepted
1046 BLZG-1097 SPARQL UPDATE QUADS_DATA error for named/default graphs Accepted
1051 BLZG-1102 Refactor quads mode access paths Accepted
1060 BLZG-1109 Deployers should have openrdf on classpath before bigdata Accepted
1062 BLZG-1111 Workbench "Export" does not support RDR graphs Accepted
1076 BLZG-1124 Negative parser tests Accepted
1083 BLZG-1131 Enhanced FILTER optimizer Accepted
1095 BLZG-1141 General strategy for VALUES+BIND queries Accepted
1099 BLZG-1145 RDR should work well for CONSTRUCT queries Accepted
1101 BLZG-1147 Move to Sesame 2.8.0 Accepted
1117 BLZG-1162 Document the ALP Service Accepted
1134 BLZG-1176 Parser should not be db mode aware Accepted
1135 BLZG-1177 Default namespace not selected in Workbench Accepted
1138 BLZG-1179 Why is RDR parser test suite disabled? Accepted
1140 BLZG-1181 Consequently exploit new built-in projection capabilities of HashIndexOp Accepted
1156 BLZG-1195 Read/write tx support in NSS and BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection Accepted
1167 BLZG-1201 select (count(*) as ?count) where { } returns 1 Accepted
1171 BLZG-1204 Publish Blazegraph Artifacts to Maven Central Accepted
1175 BLZG-1207 getStatements() ignores includeInferred (REST API) Accepted
1184 BLZG-1216 Post-Build SAIL and Blueprints Integration Testing Accepted
1193 BLZG-1223 Optimize MIN/MAX with single triple pattern Accepted
1195 BLZG-1225 Support begin(), prepare(), isActive() in BigdataSailConnection Accepted
1198 BLZG-1227 SPARQL Update does not work with RDR Accepted
1205 BLZG-1233 StatementBuffer problems when loading in SIDs mode Accepted
1241 BLZG-1247 Analyze optimization opportunities in benchmarks Accepted
1251 BLZG-1256 Service call with values clauses create a cross product Accepted
1252 BLZG-1257 RDR History Accepted
123 BLZG-1 Convert the code base over to the WORMStrategy In Progress
125 BLZG-2 Change the default cluster logging setup to use service local logging rather than log aggregation. In Progress
148 BLZG-3 Decouple the bulk loader configuration from the main bigdata configuration file In Progress
152 BLZG-4 Add a method to compute the bytes written onto an AbstractJournal. In Progress
233 BLZG-5 Replace DataSetJoin with an "inline" access path. In Progress
317 BLZG-6 CI: Some tests leak temporary stores and/or buffers. In Progress
322 BLZG-7 CI: Remove use of File#deleteOnExit() In Progress
383 BLZG-8 BSBM BI Use Case In Progress
494 BLZG-9 Refactor rule engine to query engine.. In Progress
499 BLZG-10 SPARQL 1.1 LCWD issues In Progress
523 BLZG-11 Temporary journals in CI. In Progress
625 BLZG-12 Possible failure to clear Future from Memoizer cache for BTree/HTree In Progress
634 BLZG-13 Column compression In Progress
753 BLZG-14 HA doLocalAbort() should interrupt NSS requests and AbstractTasks In Progress
924 BLZG-15 Add Wiki Entry for Chef Cookbooks In Progress
925 BLZG-16 Add Wiki Entry for Vagrant Deployments In Progress
926 BLZG-17 Add Wiki Entry for Brew Deployment In Progress
927 BLZG-18 Setup Jenkins Builds for Vagrant Projects In Progress
928 BLZG-19 Setup Jenkins Builds for Brew Validation In Progress
935 BLZG-20 Add Redhat Support for Chef Cookbooks In Progress
963 BLZG-21 Create an HA1 Launcher Recipe In Progress
964 BLZG-22 Create an HA5 Launcher Recipe In Progress
979 BLZG-23 Create DEB Packages for Bigdata Delivery In Progress
1085 BLZG-24 Jetty 9.3 - HTTP 2.0 In Progress
1141 BLZG-25 Update openrdf 2.7 to 2.7.15 In Progress
1158 BLZG-26 Scale-out engine for vertex programs In Progress
1160 BLZG-27 Simplify scale-out configuration and deployment In Progress
1165 BLZG-28 Add Java client examples to wiki In Progress
1189 BLZG-29 HA test suite for transaction management API In Progress
19 BLZG-226 Parallel decomposition of RDFS+ closure In Progress
208 BLZG-374 AccessPath should filter when the selected index is not perfect. In Progress
238 BLZG-403 Lift key-range scans onto access path. In Progress
320 BLZG-463 CI: Resolve long standing problem with the "dataset" tests in TCK In Progress
338 BLZG-478 Reduce SPARQL parser heap churn using custom CharStream impl. In Progress
360 BLZG-497 Truth maintenace in SAIL throws OutOfMemoryException In Progress
407 BLZG-537 Default graphs always uses SCAN + FILTER and lacks efficient PARALLEL SUBQUERY code path In Progress
411 BLZG-541 Track down the change in the join ordering in BSBM "explore" when using optimistic LT 1.0. In Progress
447 BLZG-573 Subject centric search index In Progress
514 BLZG-629 PartlyInlineURIIV support In Progress
542 BLZG-650 Use filters to break ties in the static optimizer In Progress
548 BLZG-654 Pack TIDs In Progress
581 BLZG-684 Full text search AST optimizer does not work with nested subqueries In Progress
584 BLZG-687 Maintained DESCRIBE Cache In Progress
591 BLZG-693 SPARQL UPDATE "LOAD" extensions In Progress
595 BLZG-697 Manage truth maintenance in SPARQL UPDATE In Progress
649 BLZG-741 Extend ASTStaticJoinOptimizer to reorder arbitrary length path nodes. In Progress
680 BLZG-772 Optimize exception patterns In Progress
698 BLZG-789 BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection should implement interface methods In Progress
699 BLZG-790 Fully bound property paths should run first In Progress
713 BLZG-804 Support multiple backing files (RWStore+index/namespace stores) In Progress
750 BLZG-837 artificial test case fails In Progress
766 BLZG-851 Setup AWS image for HA replication cluster In Progress
818 BLZG-897 Display message on search if it's unavailable In Progress
908 BLZG-982 WebUI for queries with no variables In Progress
909 BLZG-983 WebUI increase height of rows with no bound variables In Progress
950 BLZG-1015 Document how to secure an HA cluster In Progress
991 BLZG-1050 REST API: INSERT methods do not handle .gz In Progress
1012 BLZG-1068 DELETE/INSERT not working In Progress
1045 BLZG-1096 content type application/n-triples not recognized In Progress
1102 BLZG-1148 double prefix syntax error no longer detected In Progress
1120 BLZG-1165 Dynamic extension of the existing vocabulary. In Progress
1124 BLZG-1167 Adapt blueprints integration for group commit? In Progress
1126 BLZG-1169 Support RDR inlining for positions other than the Subject. In Progress
1151 BLZG-1190 RDR parser produces errors with language string literals In Progress
170 BLZG-80 Cluster-based CI Reopened
1144 BLZG-194 Contributors Page Needs Updating on the Wiki Reopened
1206 BLZG-201 Examine interaction of small slots optimization and group commit. Reopened
77 BLZG-277 HA DataService Reopened
78 BLZG-278 HA TransactionService Reopened
134 BLZG-321 Lexicon needs garbage collection Reopened
201 BLZG-367 AbstractBTree.touch() synchronization hot spot Reopened
266 BLZG-420 Refactor native long tx id to thin object. Reopened
327 BLZG-468 Clean up and optimize blank node handling Reopened
672 BLZG-764 Occasional error on BSBM Explore query Reopened
683 BLZG-775 GRS index split causes failure on concurrent GRS scan. Reopened
1001 BLZG-1059 Create extensible mechanism for inline URIs Reopened
1106 BLZG-1152 jetty warning (too much data after closed) Reopened
20 BLZG-52 Journal Over extension Closed
41 BLZG-53 Review serializable classes for forward binary versioning. Closed
42 BLZG-54 Record level checksums. Closed
54 BLZG-55 CI builds Closed
57 BLZG-56 HA MetadataService Closed
62 BLZG-57 Clean up the Local Quad Store Test Suite Closed
65 BLZG-58 unit tests resources store more from system properties than is desirable in the global row store. Closed
84 BLZG-60 Rack aware allocation strategy Closed
85 BLZG-61 Hot spare allocation Closed
113 BLZG-63 Unversioned updates on the WORM Journal Closed
114 BLZG-64 Release 0.83.0 Closed
115 BLZG-65 Provide a means to setup and tear down a federation running on a single server to support operator directed benchmarking and CI performance tests. Closed
121 BLZG-66 Clean up code (with >900 warnings with -Xlint) Closed
122 BLZG-67 Maintain compliance matrix Closed
127 BLZG-68 Move the EmbeddedFederation and its supporting classes into the src/test side of the code base. Closed
130 BLZG-69 Maintain project release guide Closed
137 BLZG-70 Sesame TCK / SPARQL test suite should be parameterized based on the database mode. Closed
138 BLZG-71 BigDecimal test cases for large / fractional values Closed
153 BLZG-73 Why are the jini jars being dragged into the Sesame Server install? Closed
155 BLZG-74 Merge JOURNAL_HA_BRANCH to trunk Closed
156 BLZG-75 Rule2BOpUtility Closed
157 BLZG-76 Deferred GC can cause too many file descriptors to remain open Closed
158 BLZG-77 Modify the load balancer to use the RW store so it can release performance data as it ages Closed
165 BLZG-78 easy start Closed
169 BLZG-79 Quads query benchmarks Closed
171 BLZG-81 Unit tests for binary compatibility Closed
178 BLZG-82 Harmonize the bigdata and CTC striterator packages and striterators with BOPs Closed
179 BLZG-83 Review running constraints before all variables are bound. Closed
187 BLZG-84 Transaction identifiers assigned beyond the last commit time. Closed
189 BLZG-85 Pass the AbstractJournal into the RWStore from commitNow() rather than using setXXX() methods. Closed
194 BLZG-86 Merge CHANGE_SETS_BRANCH to trunk Closed
195 BLZG-87 Merge QUADS_QUERY_BRANCH to trunk Closed
199 BLZG-88 Implement version of the RWStore backed solely by the native heap. Closed
241 BLZG-91 Reconcile IConstraint, IValueExpression, and BEV. Closed
256 BLZG-93 Amortize RTO cost Closed
257 BLZG-94 Support BOP fragments in the RTO. Closed
258 BLZG-95 Integrate RTO into SAIL Closed
259 BLZG-96 Dynamically increase RTO sampling limit. Closed
260 BLZG-97 Dynamically attach constraints in Rule2BOp Closed
261 BLZG-98 Lift conditions out of subqueries. Closed
262 BLZG-99 Examine performance of subquery versus pipeline using TEE pattern for UNION Closed
269 BLZG-100 Refactor performance counters using accessor interface Closed
273 BLZG-101 Document NanoSparqlServer and API and deployment on the Wiki Closed
274 BLZG-102 Integrate the NanoSparqlServer tests into CI Closed
279 BLZG-103 Reconcile handing of filter scope in joins and subqueries Closed
286 BLZG-104 Enable CI for the trunk Closed
293 BLZG-105 Prepare release from the trunk (SIDs reverse lookup) Closed
296 BLZG-106 Prepare release from QUADS_QUERY_BRANCH Closed
297 BLZG-107 Clean up CI Closed
301 BLZG-108 Fix performance regression in LUBM Q9 introduced by INT64 change set Closed
319 BLZG-109 Work through SPARQL test suite for scale-out. Closed
324 BLZG-110 Inline predeclared URIs and namespaces in 2-3 bytes Closed
335 BLZG-111 Maintain the TERMS branch. Closed
339 BLZG-112 Change dependency to openrdf 2.4 (SPARQL 1.1 parser) Closed
340 BLZG-113 CI on the TERMS branch Closed
350 BLZG-114 Prepare 1.0.1 dot release Closed
361 BLZG-115 Code review of openrdf CloseableIterations and layering of IRunningQuery.iterator() Closed
363 BLZG-116 Integrate native operators into the AST Closed
370 BLZG-117 Direct translation of openrdf AST to bigdata AST Closed
374 BLZG-118 Prepare 1.0.2 release Closed
382 BLZG-119 Change dependency to Apache River 2.2.0 Closed
390 BLZG-120 Enable full text index in cluster Closed
420 BLZG-121 Problems accessing historical data in the RWStore. Closed
423 BLZG-122 Prepare 1.0.3 release. Closed
428 BLZG-123 Encode/Decode of RDF Values for REST API "access path" operations. Closed
432 BLZG-124 Prepare the 1.1.0 release Closed
450 BLZG-125 1.0.4 release Closed
456 BLZG-126 IExtension implementations do point lookups on lexicon Closed
466 BLZG-128 Prepare 1.0.5 release Closed
476 BLZG-129 Test suite for writeCheckpoint() and recycling for BTree/HTree Closed
496 BLZG-130 Sesame 2.6.3 Closed
497 BLZG-131 Implement STRBEFORE, STRAFTER, and REPLACE (new SPARQL 1.,1 functions) Closed
498 BLZG-132 Bring bigdata RDF/XML parser up to openrdf 2.6.3. Closed
506 BLZG-133 Load, closure and query performance in 1.1.x versus 1.0.x Closed
527 BLZG-134 Expose the timestamp of the LexiconRelation to the function bops Closed
528 BLZG-135 Prepare 1.2.0 release Closed
533 BLZG-136 Review materialization for inline IVs. Closed
541 BLZG-139 Add MemoryManaged backed Journal mode Closed
544 BLZG-140 map/reduce offline bulk loader Closed
545 BLZG-141 Hash partitioned access paths Closed
560 BLZG-143 Graph API and Generic Object Model (GOM/GPO) Closed
574 BLZG-144 BIGDATA RELEASE 1.2.1 Closed
587 BLZG-145 JSP page to configure KBs. Closed
596 BLZG-146 Change web.xml parameter names to be consistent with Jini/River Closed
601 BLZG-147 Log uncaught exceptions Closed
603 BLZG-148 Prepare critical maintenance release as branch of 1.2.1 Closed
607 BLZG-149 History service / index Closed
623 BLZG-150 HA TXS / TXS Bottleneck Closed
628 BLZG-151 Create a bigdata-client jar for the NSS REST API Closed
637 BLZG-152 Prepare 1.2.3 release Closed
645 BLZG-153 HA Backup Closed
688 BLZG-154 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file (Windows 7 Prof OS) Closed
724 BLZG-155 HA wire pulling and sure kill testing Closed
728 BLZG-156 Refactor to create HAClient Closed
738 BLZG-157 Longevity and stress test protocol for HA QA Closed
741 BLZG-158 ctc-striterators should build as independent top-level project (Apache2) Closed
760 BLZG-159 Code review on 2-phase commit protocol Closed
774 BLZG-160 Converge on Java 7. Closed
785 BLZG-161 Create 1.3.0 release Closed
791 BLZG-162 Clean up query hints Closed
810 BLZG-164 Expose GAS API as SPARQL SERVICE Closed
811 BLZG-165 Create JNI library for MPGraph to support execution of graph analytics on the GPU Closed
824 BLZG-166 Owlet/ELK integration Closed
869 BLZG-168 HA5 test suite Closed
901 BLZG-169 Brew Installer Closed
902 BLZG-170 Update Basic Bigdata Chef Cookbook Closed
929 BLZG-171 Refactor Vagrant Projects for Public Cookbook / SVN Cleanup Closed
937 BLZG-172 Create 1.3.1 release Closed
949 BLZG-173 HAProxy setup Closed
971 BLZG-174 Clarify HTTP Status codes for CREATE NAMESPACE operation Closed
989 BLZG-176 Stored Query Service Closed
993 BLZG-177 Prepare release 1.3.2 Closed
1010 BLZG-179 Upgrade apache http components to 1.3.1 (security) Closed
1017 BLZG-180 Prepare release 1.3.3 Closed
1021 BLZG-181 Add critical section protection to AbstractJournal.abort() and BigdataSailConnection.rollback() Closed
1023 BLZG-182 SPARQL* not working Closed
1032 BLZG-183 Prepare 1.3.4 release Closed
1041 BLZG-184 replace master in github with current development branch Closed
1058 BLZG-186 RDR documentation Closed
1066 BLZG-187 1.4.0 pom references incorrect openrdf version Closed
1091 BLZG-188 BlazeGraph release Closed
1112 BLZG-189 Update GPLv2 license header Closed
1137 BLZG-193 Code review on "instanceof Journal" Closed
1190 BLZG-199 Refactor RemoteRepository / RemoteRepositoryManager Closed
1255 BLZG-207 RemoteRepository does not CANCEL a SPARQL UPDATE if there is a client error. Closed
1 BLZG-208 Stochastic behavior on OS-X, Centos. Closed
2 BLZG-209 NPE observed in the com.bigdata.btree package when LRUNexus is enabled. Closed
3 BLZG-210 blank nodes in SAIL must have connection scope. Closed
4 BLZG-211 Exact range count is expensive for tx or scale-out and SAIL semantics default to exact range count. Closed
5 BLZG-212 Native UNIONs in the SAIL Closed
6 BLZG-213 Make it easier to select the RDF database mode (triples, provenance or quads) Closed
7 BLZG-214 Union of range counts for default graph and named graph queries. Closed
8 BLZG-215 Installer/documentation for Sesame 2.x web server integration Closed
9 BLZG-216 Sesame configuration integration point enchancements Closed
10 BLZG-217 RepositoryConnection#add(reader) synchronization hot spot Closed
11 BLZG-218 magic search predicate is broken for quads Closed
12 BLZG-219 filter and optionals can be wrong Closed
13 BLZG-220 told blank node support Closed
14 BLZG-221 Drive SPARQL data set semantics into the native rule execution model. Closed
15 BLZG-222 Support full transactions in the SAIL Closed
16 BLZG-223 LRUNexus/IGlobalLRU optimizations Closed
17 BLZG-224 Translate OFFSET/LIMIT into native "slice". Closed
18 BLZG-225 High Availability Architecture design document Closed
21 BLZG-227 Add hash-based cache option for B+Tree (RDF Lexicon) Closed
22 BLZG-228 STAR joins Closed
23 BLZG-229 Lexicon joins (was foreign key joins) Closed
24 BLZG-230 issue with using bigdata and elmo Closed
25 BLZG-231 CONSTRUCT queries will fail if RDF Values are not present in the database Closed
26 BLZG-232 Query hints in the SAIL Closed
27 BLZG-233 Integerate and test the read/write store Closed
28 BLZG-234 Possible deadlock during journal shutdown Closed
29 BLZG-235 describe queries should run using native evaluation Closed
30 BLZG-236 Killall and pkill Closed
31 BLZG-237 lib-dl directory Closed
32 BLZG-238 Query time expansion of (foo rdf:type rdfs:Resource) drags in SPORelation for scale-out Closed
33 BLZG-239 Reduce contention in com.bigdata.btree.Node#getChild(int) Closed
34 BLZG-240 Remove synchronization on low-level disk read/write Closed
35 BLZG-241 High throughput API with eventually consistent secondary statement indices Closed
36 BLZG-242 Full distributed tx for shard split, join or move. Closed
37 BLZG-243 Full distributed transaction support Closed
39 BLZG-245 SPARQL 1.1 features Closed
40 BLZG-246 Separate data flow from message flow in the scale-out API. Closed
44 BLZG-248 Write replication API (HA) Closed
46 BLZG-250 C library for reading bigdata persistence stores and processing B+Tree data Closed
47 BLZG-251 Distributed tuple cache vs Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) Closed
48 BLZG-252 Support aggregation queries Closed
49 BLZG-253 Refactor the async write API to buffer per target DS, not per target shard Closed
50 BLZG-254 All reads/writes should go through the global LRU cache and Memoizer Closed
51 BLZG-255 Limiting Result Bindings To Required Variables Closed
52 BLZG-256 Improve join processing resource management Closed
53 BLZG-257 Enhance build.xml to compile & package test source & allow one to run the junit tests from the command line or a script Closed
55 BLZG-258 Discover zookeeper configuration information using jini Closed
56 BLZG-259 Nodes should publish their characteristics using jini for dynamic recruitment. Closed
58 BLZG-260 Scalable DISTINCT operator using native heap Closed
59 BLZG-261 Inline data type literals into the primary statement index for use in FILTERs and STAR-JOINs Closed
60 BLZG-262 Review the practice of deploying versioned jars Closed
61 BLZG-263 Add Journal Conversion Utility Closed
63 BLZG-264 ServiceConfigurationZNodeMonitorTask does not reacquire a Zookeeper client after a SessionExpiredException Closed
66 BLZG-266 Resource retrieval does not handle spaces in resource strings & should be more robust in its search strategy Closed
67 BLZG-267 Branch Work To Make ValueFactory and SPOKeyOrder Usage Extensible Closed
68 BLZG-268 shutdownNow() should cancel tasks which did not run Closed
69 BLZG-269 SparseRowStore (aka key-value store) should allow historical reads. Closed
70 BLZG-270 Support nquads (nxparser) Closed
71 BLZG-271 Concurrency problem when dirty B+Tree nodes are evicted. Closed
72 BLZG-272 Testing - Make changes to allow all tests of TestServiceStarter to pass when run using both ant & eclipse Closed
73 BLZG-273 JiniCoreServicesConfiguration - possible mix up with millisecs & nanos can cause unintended long delays Closed
74 BLZG-274 Strangeness with owl:transitiveProperty Closed
75 BLZG-275 Implement pre-fetch in the B+Tree Closed
76 BLZG-276 Zookeeper integration providing quorum dynamics for HA Closed
79 BLZG-279 ClassCastException when using URI created by non Bigdata ValueFactory Closed
80 BLZG-280 SPARQL queries with OPTIONAL are broken Closed
81 BLZG-281 NIO2 - Asynchronous file IO and low-level file system integrations Closed
82 BLZG-282 Journal should auto-detect RW or WORM on restart Closed
86 BLZG-283 Shard affinity Closed
87 BLZG-284 Fast index segment access paths Closed
88 BLZG-285 DDL and Catalog Closed
89 BLZG-286 Broken DESCRIBE in Sesame server causes problem for linked data platforms. Closed
90 BLZG-287 Regression: changeset 2966 introduced a regression; causing two previously passing tests to now fail Closed
91 BLZG-288 Lazy sort in the mutable B+Tree (ala MonetDB cracking) Closed
92 BLZG-289 Monitoring webapp Closed
94 BLZG-290 bigdata hup sometimes required on federation restart. Closed
95 BLZG-291 ClientService fails to make progress during bulk data load Closed
96 BLZG-292 Configuration errors can result in service create loop Closed
97 BLZG-293 ServicesManagerStartupTask - possible mix up with millisecs & nanos can cause unintended long delays Closed
98 BLZG-294 problems encountered during startup start infinite numbers of processes. Closed
99 BLZG-295 Should not use InetAddress.getLocalAddress when determining 'isLocalHost' Closed
100 BLZG-296 RingBuffer javadoc for get/remove/toArray doesn't match implementation Closed
101 BLZG-297 RingBuffer::remove(int) and RingBuffer::get(int) are asymetric for index = size()-1 Closed
102 BLZG-298 RingBuffer::add/offer should throw NPE for a null arg Closed
103 BLZG-299 RingBuffer::scanHead/scanTail should treat a null nscan arg the same way Closed
104 BLZG-300 RingBuffer::contains should check for null arg Closed
105 BLZG-301 Failure to bulk load leaves partially created store Closed
106 BLZG-302 quads query for scale-out Closed
107 BLZG-303 JDK collator results in decode errors for the SparseRowStore Closed
108 BLZG-304 Update NicUtil and the build.xml file to parameterize them for the ethernet interface. Closed
109 BLZG-305 Store large literals as "blobs". Closed
110 BLZG-306 Journal RWStore needs integration with the transaction service for RDFS closure. Closed
111 BLZG-307 MetadataService & DataService do not restart if configured for the same node as the TransactionService Closed
112 BLZG-308 truth maintenance does not downgrade from explicit to inferred correctly Closed
116 BLZG-309 ORDER BY variable not in results set fails Closed
117 BLZG-310 Bug in BigdataValueFactoryImpl.createLiteral(XMLGregorianCalendar) Closed
118 BLZG-311 TestMappedRDFDataLoadMaster fails with 'invalid stream header' and sometimes deadlocks Closed
119 BLZG-312 Remove evil signal handlers Closed
120 BLZG-313 Negative BigDecimal keys have comparison problem Closed
124 BLZG-314 TermIdEncoder needs to use more bits now that ITermIdCodes is gone Closed
126 BLZG-315 Uses of InetAddress.getLocalAddress should be changed to a mechanism that returns a non-loopback address Closed
128 BLZG-316 IndexSegmentMultiBlockIterator has fence post resulting in thrown exception Closed
129 BLZG-317 Compile errors with generics in the trunk Closed
131 BLZG-318 unselective joins for scale-out Closed
132 BLZG-319 distributed merge sort operator (scale-out) Closed
133 BLZG-320 nested optional joins Closed
135 BLZG-322 filter on dates causes exception in query evaluation Closed
136 BLZG-323 The scale-out bulk loader (AsynchronousStatementBufferFactory) does not support inlining. Closed
140 BLZG-324 Record previous root blocks on commit Closed
141 BLZG-325 SPO.hashCode() always returns zero (linear scaling in default graph queries) Closed
142 BLZG-326 OverlappingFileLockException on Sesame 2.3.2 Closed
143 BLZG-327 NullPointerException possible in AsynchronousOverflowTask when compacting merges enabled Closed
144 BLZG-328 Multiple server instances started on a host contrary to configuration constraints Closed
145 BLZG-329 Ensure spacing between distinct timestamps assigned to commit points for concurrent query Closed
146 BLZG-330 Add support for a default graph to the bulk data loader Closed
147 BLZG-331 Stochastic failure in com.bigdata.service.ndx.pipeline.TestMasterTask.test_stress_startWriteStop2 Closed
149 BLZG-332 CI : com.bigdata.resources.TestBuildTask2.test_builds() Closed
150 BLZG-333 Choosing the index for testing fully bound access paths based on index locality Closed
154 BLZG-335, are not functioning as deployed Closed
159 BLZG-336 DataServer does not restart on a federation containing data Closed
160 BLZG-337 ResourceService should use NIO for file and buffer transfers Closed
162 BLZG-339 Optimize mapping of binding sets across shards Closed
163 BLZG-340 Cleaning up packages from maven scaleout branch Closed
164 BLZG-341 Query error when STORE_BLANK_NODES is set true Closed
166 BLZG-342 Change set reporting feature for the SAIL Closed
167 BLZG-343 Direct SPARQL to BOP translation Closed
172 BLZG-345 Improve handled of deferred events during service startup Closed
173 BLZG-346 Support concurrent transactions against the RWStore Closed
174 BLZG-347 Distributed consistency checks and rebuild of metadata indices. Closed
175 BLZG-348 Journal RWStore needs integration with Transaction Service Closed
176 BLZG-349 Test testStressConcurrentUnisolatedIndices fails with RWStore Closed
177 BLZG-350 RDF Alchemist Development Closed
180 BLZG-351 Migrate the RDFS inference and truth maintenance logic to BOPs Closed
181 BLZG-352 Scale-out LUBM "how to" in wiki and build.xml are out of date. Closed
182 BLZG-353 Request to upgrade bigdata repo to latest version of subversion Closed
183 BLZG-354 Race condition when starting Jini (and possibly other) processes. Closed
184 BLZG-355 zookeeper process (QuorumPeerMain) not torn down by "ant junit". Closed
185 BLZG-356 System hangs when destroying a ScaleoutTripleStore Closed
186 BLZG-357 RWStore Reopen is too slow Closed
188 BLZG-358 Errors when running multiple DataServers on one host Closed
190 BLZG-359 TestEmbeddedClient.test_registerIndex fails when getIndex is called between dropIndexFromCache and the final getIndex verification Closed
191 BLZG-360 NonBlockingLockManagerWithNewDesign does not terminate the service on which it is running its AcceptTask. Closed
192 BLZG-361 Bug in optional handling can cause some solutions to be lost. Closed
193 BLZG-362 Problem moving journal file between SUSE and Windows Closed
196 BLZG-363 Journal leaks memory Closed
197 BLZG-364 Journal RWStore PreserveSession Closed
198 BLZG-365 Add performance counters to the RWStore Closed
200 BLZG-366 Raise NanoSparqlServer to a front-line class Closed
202 BLZG-368 optional join groups Closed
203 BLZG-369 Implement an persistence capable hash table to support analytic query Closed
204 BLZG-370 Reverse lookup from SIDs to statements Closed
205 BLZG-371 SAIL will grant multiple writers to a single thread. Closed
206 BLZG-372 Expose performance counters for the standalone database. Closed
207 BLZG-373 Report on the top-N most expensive queries Closed
209 BLZG-375 AccessPath should visit binding sets rather than elements when used for high level query. Closed
211 BLZG-377 Checksum error in RWStore beta Closed
213 BLZG-379 FixedAllocator free list association problem on re-open Closed
214 BLZG-380 LUBM U50 fails with RWStore r4012 Closed
216 BLZG-382 Manage the B+Tree page size for the RWStore. Closed
217 BLZG-383 BTreeCounters does not track bytes released. Closed
218 BLZG-384 Allocations not optimally recycled when session is released Closed
219 BLZG-385 QueryEngine must bound the data on the Java heap Closed
220 BLZG-386 Database at once re-closure in Sail and DataLoader Closed
221 BLZG-387 BTree.removeAll() must delete nodes and leaves for RWStore even if delete markers are not in use. Closed
222 BLZG-388 Improved sharing for the lexicon term cache across read-only transactions Closed
223 BLZG-389 ChangeSet API test suite problems Closed
224 BLZG-390 TestFileChannel#test_transferAllFrom() hangs under OS X Closed
225 BLZG-391 OSX requires specialized performance counter collection classes Closed
226 BLZG-392 NullPointerException when creating literal with null value for datatype. Closed
227 BLZG-393 SliceOp appears to be necessary when operator plan should suffice without Closed
228 BLZG-394 TestWORMWriteCacheService leaks threads/memory Closed
229 BLZG-395 REGEX queries are too expensive Closed
230 BLZG-396 Rare exception caused by interrupt incorrectly reported through to SAIL by QueryEngine Closed
232 BLZG-398 Support bottom-up evaluation semantics Closed
234 BLZG-399 static analysis for bound(x) in a join graph (required joins) Closed
235 BLZG-400 Occasional deadlock in CI runs in Closed
236 BLZG-401 WORMStrategy appears to double in size after reopen of the Journal. Closed
242 BLZG-404 Deadlines do not play well with GROUP_BY, ORDER_BY, etc. Closed
243 BLZG-405 BOpUtility#preOrderTraversal() takes time exponential in the depth of the operator tree. Closed
244 BLZG-406 Striterator Tail Optimisation protocol Closed
245 BLZG-407 Incorrect handling of SPARQL type errors Closed
246 BLZG-408 Derived xsd numeric data types must be inlined as extension types. Closed
247 BLZG-409 Bug in BigdataValueFactoryImpl.createLiteral(XMLGregorianCalendar) in QUADS_QUERY_BRANCH Closed
248 BLZG-410 ConcurrentModificationException in SOpTreeBuilder Closed
249 BLZG-411 Unselective join can overload heap when materializing RDF values is too slow. Closed
250 BLZG-412 UNION query does not translate correctly. Closed
251 BLZG-413 Exception when using inlineDateTime option Closed
252 BLZG-414 inlineDateTime in combination with isolatableIndexes throws exception Closed
254 BLZG-416 Revisit pruning of intermediate variable bindings during query execution Closed
263 BLZG-417 Add update protocol to NanoSparqlServer Closed
264 BLZG-418 Add bulk data load command to the NanoSparqlServer Closed
265 BLZG-419 Create option to rebuild the full text search index for the triple store. Closed
267 BLZG-421 Support evaluation of 3rd party operators Closed
268 BLZG-422 Millisecond precision of inlined dataTimes is lost on filter or sort by Closed
270 BLZG-423 Journal attempts to use checksums when migrating to the QUADS_QUERY_BRANCH Closed
271 BLZG-424 IllegalArgumentException in com.bigdata.bop.Constant Closed
272 BLZG-425 Implement a hash-join subquery operator and integrate it into the query planner Closed
275 BLZG-426 IllegalArgumentException in com.bigdata.bop.Constant Closed
276 BLZG-427 UnsupportedOperationException during query evaluation Closed
278 BLZG-429 Exceptions after rollbacks Closed
280 BLZG-430 Deadlock in TestHASendAndReceive3Nodes stress test Closed
281 BLZG-431 Support xpath extensions functions for ORDER_BY UPPER(?x) Closed
282 BLZG-432 Occasional checksum errors reported during CI Closed
283 BLZG-433 Provide access to IRunningQuery for BigdataSail via query hint Closed
284 BLZG-434 IndexOutOfBoundsException in Node#getChild() Closed
285 BLZG-435 CI deadlock in StressTestConcurrentUnisolatedIndices Closed
287 BLZG-436 TestFileChannelUtility#test_transferAllFrom() fails under OSX Closed
288 BLZG-437 Node already "coded" during commit protocol for Name2Addr Closed
289 BLZG-438 Make the BigdataSail UNISOLATED connection global in scope. Closed
290 BLZG-439 RWStore (and scale-out data service) should indicate the earliest available commit point. Closed
291 BLZG-440 CI deadlock apparently related to use of write lock to avoid concurrent modification of a BTree during the commit protocol Closed
292 BLZG-441 Code review on LexiconRelation#getTerm(), getTerms(), addTerms() and termCache Closed
294 BLZG-442 int32 entryCount and childEntryCount limit data scale to 2B triples Closed
295 BLZG-443 CI deadlock in com.bigdata.concurrent.TestLockManager.test_multipleResourceLocking_resources10_locktries10() Closed
298 BLZG-444 CI hang in StressTestConcurrentUnisolatedIndices Closed
299 BLZG-445 Adjust defaults for the free text search engine Closed
300 BLZG-446 Scaleable ORDER BY operator using native heap Closed
302 BLZG-447 Escape content in HTML output Closed
303 BLZG-448 Default page for NanoSparqlServer Closed
304 BLZG-449 Utility for validating property files based on reflection and interpretation Closed
305 BLZG-450 NanoSparqlClient can fail to run all sources and can misreport average query times Closed
306 BLZG-451 TestNanoSparqlServer should close() URLConnections Closed
307 BLZG-452 CI deadlock in MockQuorumFixture Closed
308 BLZG-453 Leaking/double-release of direct ByteBuffers in CI Closed
309 BLZG-454 CI has side-effect of test failure in TestDoubleOpen Closed
310 BLZG-455 CI: AbstractInterruptsTestCase.test_channelOpenAfterInterrupt1() Closed
311 BLZG-456 CI - TestInlineConstraints throws NPEs even though the tests pass. Closed
312 BLZG-457 CI (mock) quorums deadlock Closed
313 BLZG-458 DirectBufferPool should expose an "IBufferAccess" object Closed
314 BLZG-459 Fix JAR paths for scale-out and webapp deployments Closed
315 BLZG-460 TestRollbacksTx leaks temporary stores Closed
318 BLZG-462 prefixSearch broken in r4553 Closed
321 BLZG-464 Optimize prefix query when slice by rank Closed
323 BLZG-465 Optimize index segment builds using MemoryStore Closed
326 BLZG-467 UnsupportedOperationException in SAIL when trying to remove constraint Closed
328 BLZG-469 Integrate prolog engine Closed
329 BLZG-470 B+Tree should delete bloom filter when it is disabled. Closed
330 BLZG-471 NanoSparqlServer does not locate "html" resources when run as an embedded server from the jar Closed
331 BLZG-472 Add an "EXPLAIN" option to the NanoSparqlServer Closed
332 BLZG-473 Add ACID UPDATE operations to NanoSparqlServer (PUT methods) Closed
333 BLZG-474 RWStore: Record already in cache exception. Closed
334 BLZG-475 Support inlining of unicode data in the statement indices Closed
336 BLZG-476 NSS bug fixes and performance enhancements Closed
337 BLZG-477 Compact and efficient movement of binding sets between nodes Closed
341 BLZG-479 No physical address found for 0 Closed
342 BLZG-480 TERMS index induces too much random IO Closed
343 BLZG-481 Stochastic assert in AbstractBTree#writeNodeOrLeaf() in CI Closed
344 BLZG-482 RWStore is not recycling allocations when there is a series of large commits Closed
345 BLZG-483 Duplicate BOp exception caused by REGEX filter. Closed
346 BLZG-484 Add full text search result cache Closed
347 BLZG-485 Build info feature request Closed
348 BLZG-486 BigdataValueFactory.asValue() must return new instance when DummyIV is used. Closed
349 BLZG-487 TermIdEncoder limits #of RDF Values on the Journal to 2B Closed
351 BLZG-488 SPO not Serializable exception in SIDS mode (scale-out) Closed
352 BLZG-489 ClassCastException when querying with binding-values that are not known to the database Closed
353 BLZG-490 UnsupportedOperatorException for some SPARQL queries Closed
355 BLZG-492 Query failure when comparing with non materialized value Closed
356 BLZG-493 Query not terminated by error Closed
357 BLZG-494 RWStore reports "FixedAllocator returning null address, with freeBits" Closed
358 BLZG-495 Scalable solution sets on the native heap Closed
359 BLZG-496 NamedGraph pattern fails to bind graph variable if only one binding exists. Closed
362 BLZG-498 Fix incompatible with log4j - slf4j bridge. Closed
364 BLZG-499 Scalable default graph evaluation Closed
365 BLZG-500 Incompatible buffer size for addr during long running query Closed
366 BLZG-501 RMI/NIO should use versioned data structures or pure interfaces to support rolling updates Closed
367 BLZG-502 termId already assigned Closed
368 BLZG-503 Prune variable bindings during query evaluation Closed
369 BLZG-504 Aggregation does not allow select expressions to BIND() variables for use in GROUP BY Closed
371 BLZG-505 DataLoader fails to load resources available from the classpath. Closed
372 BLZG-506 RWStore does not prune the CommitRecordIndex Closed
373 BLZG-507 Fix StrBOp and other IValueExpressions Closed
375 BLZG-508 Persistent memory leaks (RWStore/DISK) Closed
376 BLZG-509 Support for the streaming of bigdata IBindingSets into a sparql query Closed
377 BLZG-510 Optimize OPTIONALs with multiple statement patterns Closed
378 BLZG-511 ClosedByInterruptException during heavy query mix. Closed
379 BLZG-512 NotSerializableException for SPOAccessPath Closed
380 BLZG-513 Native SPARQL evaluation on cluster Closed
381 BLZG-514 Java level deadlock in com.bigdata.rdf.sail.TestRollbacks Closed
384 BLZG-515 IndexOutOfBoundsException during query evaluation Closed
385 BLZG-516 FastRDFValueCoder2: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Closed
386 BLZG-517 Synchronous overflow can fail for simple B+Tree (View is only a B+Tree) Closed
387 BLZG-518 Cluster does not compute closure Closed
388 BLZG-519 HashJoinUtility throwing IllegalStateException Closed
389 BLZG-520 IV ordering is not consistent with unsigned byte[] ordering of IV keys. Closed
391 BLZG-521 Release age advanced on WORM mode journal Closed
392 BLZG-522 Add a DELETE by access path method to the NanoSparqlServer Closed
393 BLZG-523 Add "context-uri" request parameter to specify the default context for INSERT in the REST API Closed
394 BLZG-524 log4j configuration error message in WAR deployment Closed
395 BLZG-525 HTree hash join performance Closed
396 BLZG-526 Modify the static query optimizer to use the required join group as an input to the optional groups. Closed
397 BLZG-527 AST Optimizer for queries with multiple complex optional groups Closed
398 BLZG-528 Convert the static optimizer into an AST rewrite Closed
399 BLZG-529 Add a fast range count method to the REST API Closed
400 BLZG-530 LIMIT does not eagerly terminate all query processing Closed
401 BLZG-531 inline xsd:unsigned{Byte,Short,Int,Long} Closed
402 BLZG-532 HTree "Not our child" error Closed
404 BLZG-534 Materialzation steps not always added if var used in filters and assignments Closed
405 BLZG-535 Optimize hash joins when there are no source solutions (or only the exogenous bindings) Closed
406 BLZG-536 Static optimizer should consider swing in stakes Closed
408 BLZG-538 xsd:string cast fails for non-numeric data Closed
409 BLZG-539 disable the join type optimized w/in same scope when disabling the static join optimizer in a given scope Closed
410 BLZG-540 runLast support in static join optimizer Closed
412 BLZG-542 StaticAnalysis#getDefinitelyBound() ignores exogenous variables. Closed
413 BLZG-543 fix TestInlineConstraints Closed
415 BLZG-545 Better code reuse out of the DefaultExtensionFactory Closed
416 BLZG-546 fix union optimizer Closed
418 BLZG-548 Vector value expression evaluation Closed
421 BLZG-550 Rationalize the query hints API Closed
422 BLZG-551 Support temp triple store wrapped by a BigdataSail Closed
424 BLZG-552 NQuads support for NanoSparqlServer Closed
425 BLZG-553 Bad RDF_FORMAT default for bulk data loader in scale-out Closed
426 BLZG-554 Support either dotlockfile or lockfile in scale-out Closed
427 BLZG-555 BigdataSail#getReadOnlyConnection() race condition with concurrent commit Closed
429 BLZG-556 Optimization for GRAPH uri {} and GRAPH ?foo {} Closed
430 BLZG-557 StaticAnalysis does not follow renames of projected variables Closed
431 BLZG-558 Read-only tx per query on cluster defeats cache Closed
433 BLZG-559 Cluster leaks threads under read-only index operations. Closed
435 BLZG-561 Address is 0L Closed
436 BLZG-562 TestMROWTransactions failure in CI Closed
437 BLZG-563 Thread-local cache combined with unbounded thread pools causes effective memory leak Closed
438 BLZG-564 KeyBeforePartitionException on cluster Closed
439 BLZG-565 Class loader problem. Closed
440 BLZG-566 BTree can not be cast to Name2Addr when accessing historical state on RWStore Closed
441 BLZG-567 Ganglia integration Closed
442 BLZG-568 Hybrid shared disk/shared nothing architcture for cluster Closed
443 BLZG-569 Logger for RWStore transactions and recycler Closed
444 BLZG-570 SPARQL query can fail to notice when IRunningQuery.isDone() on cluster Closed
445 BLZG-571 RWStore does not track tx release correctly. Closed
446 BLZG-572 HTTP Repostory broken with bigdata 1.1.0 Closed
448 BLZG-574 SPARQL 1.1 Update Closed
449 BLZG-575 SPARQL 1.1 Federation Closed
451 BLZG-576 Serialization error in SIDS mode on cluster for BlobIV Closed
452 BLZG-577 Provide UI for update in NanoSparqlServer Closed
453 BLZG-578 Releasing blob DeferredFree record Closed
454 BLZG-579 Global Row Store Read on Cluster uses Tx Closed
455 BLZG-580 Deletion of address with size greater than slot Closed
457 BLZG-581 "No such index" on cluster under concurrent query workload Closed
458 BLZG-582 Java level deadlock in DS Closed
460 BLZG-583 Uncaught interrupt resolving RDF terms Closed
461 BLZG-584 KeyAfterPartitionException / KeyBeforePartitionException on cluster Closed
462 BLZG-585 Invalid byte: 3 in ResourceService (StatusEnum) on cluster Closed
463 BLZG-586 NoSuchVocabularyItem with LUBMVocabulary for DerivedNumericsExtension Closed
464 BLZG-587 Query statistics do not update correctly on cluster Closed
465 BLZG-588 Too many GRS reads on cluster Closed
467 BLZG-589 IllegalStateException trying to access lexicon index using RWStore with recycling Closed
468 BLZG-590 Rare interrupt of rangeCount during query on cluster. Closed
469 BLZG-591 Sail does not flush assertion buffers before query Closed
470 BLZG-592 Optimize read-historical range counts on cluster Closed
471 BLZG-593 Parallelize aggregation operators on cluster Closed
472 BLZG-594 acceptTaskService pool size on cluster Closed
473 BLZG-595 PhysicalAddressResolutionException after reopen using RWStore and recycler Closed
474 BLZG-596 Connection refused Closed
475 BLZG-597 Optimize serialization for query messages on cluster Closed
477 BLZG-598 Prepare 1.0.6 release Closed
478 BLZG-599 Cluster does not map input solution(s) across shards Closed
479 BLZG-600 Logged errors for sendHaltMessage() or sendChunk() on cluster. Closed
480 BLZG-601 Error releasing deferred frees using 1.0.6 against a 1.0.4 journal Closed
481 BLZG-602 PhysicalAddressResolutionException against 1.0.6 Closed
482 BLZG-603 RWStore reset() should be thread-safe for concurrent readers Closed
484 BLZG-605 Java client for NanoSparqlServer REST API Closed
485 BLZG-606 RDFS Plus Profile Closed
486 BLZG-607 NIO solution set interchange on the cluster. Closed
487 BLZG-608 The query controller should be discoverable Closed
488 BLZG-609 Vector query engine messages per node. Closed
489 BLZG-610 Optimize RDF Value materialization performance on cluster. Closed
491 BLZG-612 AbstractTripleStore.destroy() does not clear the locator cache Closed
492 BLZG-613 Empty chunk in ThickChunkMessage (cluster) Closed
493 BLZG-614 Virtual graphs Closed
495 BLZG-615 SPARQL 1.1 Property Paths Closed
500 BLZG-616 SPARQL 1.1 Service Description Closed
501 BLZG-617 SPARQL 1.1 BINDINGS are ignored Closed
503 BLZG-619 Bigdata2Sesame2BindingSetIterator throws QueryEvaluationException were it should throw NoSuchElementException Closed
504 BLZG-620 Incorrect result for UNION with Empty Group Pattern Closed
505 BLZG-621 Exception when using SPARQL sort & statement identifiers Closed
508 BLZG-623 LIMIT causes hash join utility to log errors. Closed
512 BLZG-627 IllegalStateException: TermId already assigned Closed
513 BLZG-628 Expose the LexiconConfiguration to function BOPs Closed
515 BLZG-630 Query with two "FILTER NOT EXISTS" expressions returns no results Closed
516 BLZG-631 REGEXBOp should cache the Pattern when it is a constant Closed
517 BLZG-632 Java 7 compatibility Closed
518 BLZG-633 Review function bop subclass hierarchy and optimize datatype bop and others Closed
519 BLZG-634 Negative PARSER test failures Closed
520 BLZG-635 CONSTRUCT WHERE shortcut Closed
521 BLZG-636 Incremental materialization of Tuple and Graph query results. Closed
524 BLZG-638 SPARQL Cache Closed
525 BLZG-639 Modify the IChangeLog interface to support reporting to multiple agents Closed
526 BLZG-640 Reification done right Closed
530 BLZG-642 Journal HA Closed
532 BLZG-644 ClassCastException during hash join (can not be cast to TermId) Closed
534 BLZG-645 BSBM BI Q5 Error when using MERGE JOIN Closed
535 BLZG-646 Optimize JOIN VARS for Sub-Selects Closed
537 BLZG-648 Prepare 1.0.7 release Closed
539 BLZG-649 NotMaterializedException for REGEX on Vocab item. Closed
543 BLZG-651 Index Finger Closed
546 BLZG-652 Add cache for access to historical index views on the Journal by name and commitTime. Closed
549 BLZG-655 BTree can not be cast to Name2Addr (MemStore mode Journal) Closed
550 BLZG-656 NPE in Leaf.getKey() [data field is null] Closed
553 BLZG-658 Decrease storage overhead for small raw records Closed
554 BLZG-659 stopAtFirstError=false stops anyway for bad URI. Closed
555 BLZG-660 Support PSOutputStream/InputStream at IRawStore Closed
556 BLZG-661 Front-coding schema should eliminate a globally shared prefix before delta coding. Closed
557 BLZG-662 StressTestConcurrentTx may ignore real errors Closed
558 BLZG-663 SPARQL INSERT not working in same request after INSERT DATA Closed
559 BLZG-664 Use RDFFormat.NQUADS as the format identifier for the NQuads parser Closed
561 BLZG-665 SPARQL 1.1 Graph Store HTTP Protocol Closed
562 BLZG-666 Sub-select in INSERT cause NPE in UpdateExprBuilder Closed
563 BLZG-667 DISTINCT ORDER BY does not preserve order Closed
564 BLZG-668 Property paths producing wrong results Closed
565 BLZG-669 ADD GRAPH causes exception when source graph is empty Closed
566 BLZG-670 Concurrent unisolated operations against multiple KBs on the same Journal Closed
567 BLZG-671 Failure to set cached value on IV results in incorrect behavior for complex UPDATE operation Closed
568 BLZG-672 DELETE WHERE fails with Java AssertionError Closed
569 BLZG-673 LOAD-CREATE-LOAD using virgin journal fails with "Graph exists" exception Closed
570 BLZG-674 MemoryManager Journal mode does not implement all methods. Closed
571 BLZG-675 DELETE/INSERT WHERE handling of blank nodes. Closed
572 BLZG-676 Bigdata generates bnodes that it cannot read Closed
573 BLZG-677 NullPointerException when attempting to INSERT DATA containing a blank node Closed
575 BLZG-678 NanoSparqlServer Admin API for Multi-tenant deployments. Closed
576 BLZG-679 Migrate Hosted Apps to Project Web Closed
577 BLZG-680 DESCRIBE with OFFSET/LIMIT needs to use sub-select Closed
578 BLZG-681 Implement Concise Bounded Description (CBD) Closed
579 BLZG-682 CONSTRUCT should impose distinct (s,p,o) filter Closed
580 BLZG-683 Problem with the bigdata RDF/XML parser with sids Closed
583 BLZG-686 Support VOID in ServiceDescription Closed
586 BLZG-689 RWStore immedateFree() not removing Checkpoint addresses from the historical index cache. Closed
589 BLZG-691 2-Phase commit Closed
590 BLZG-692 nxparser fails with uppercase language tag Closed
592 BLZG-694 Optimize RWStore allocator sizes Closed
593 BLZG-695 Upgrade to Sesame 2.6.10 Closed
594 BLZG-696 WAR was deployed using TRIPLES rather than QUADS by default. Closed
598 BLZG-699 B+Tree branching factor and HTree addressBits are confused in their NodeSerializer implementations Closed
599 BLZG-700 BlobIV for blank node : NotMaterializedException Closed
600 BLZG-701 BlobIV collision counter hits false limit. Closed
602 BLZG-702 RWStore does not discard logged deletes on reset() Closed
604 BLZG-703 Lose log4j-1.2.15.jar when installing cluster Closed
605 BLZG-704 Error in function :rangeCount Closed
608 BLZG-706 LOG BlockingBuffer not progressing at INFO or lower level Closed
609 BLZG-707 bigdata-ganglia is required dependency for Journal Closed
610 BLZG-708 RuleOwlTransitiveProperty2 not part of OWL entailment Closed
611 BLZG-709 The code that processes SPARQL Update has a typo Closed
612 BLZG-710 Bigdata scale-up depends on zookeper Closed
613 BLZG-711 SPARQL UPDATE response inlines large DELETE or INSERT triple graphs Closed
614 BLZG-712 static join optimizer does not get ordering right when multiple tails share vars with ancestry Closed
615 BLZG-713 AST2BOpUtility wraps UNION with an unnecessary hash join Closed
616 BLZG-714 Row store read/update not isolated on Journal Closed
617 BLZG-715 Concurrent KB create fails with "No axioms defined?" Closed
618 BLZG-716 DirectBufferPool.poolCapacity maximum of 2GB. Closed
619 BLZG-717 RemoteRepository class should use application/x-www-form-urlencoded for large POST requests Closed
620 BLZG-718 UpdateServlet fails to parse MIMEType when doing conneg. Closed
621 BLZG-719 Coalesce write cache records and install reads in cache Closed
622 BLZG-720 NSS using jetty+windows can lose connections (windows only; jdk 6/7 bug) Closed
624 BLZG-721 HA Load Balancer Closed
626 BLZG-722 Expose performance counters for read-only indices Closed
627 BLZG-723 Environment variable override for NSS properties file Closed
629 BLZG-724 Graph processing API Closed
630 BLZG-725 Modify SIDs indexing to co-locate link attributes with the link Closed
631 BLZG-726 ClassCastException in SIDs mode query Closed
632 BLZG-727 NotMaterializedException when a SERVICE call needs variables that are provided as query input bindings Closed
633 BLZG-728 ClassCastException when binding non-uri values to a variable that occurs in predicate position. Closed
635 BLZG-729 Stored Procedures Closed
636 BLZG-730 PhysicalAddressResolutionException error Closed
638 BLZG-731 Change DEFAULT_MIN_RELEASE_AGE to 1ms Closed
639 BLZG-732 Remove Triple Buffering in RWStore Closed
640 BLZG-733 Conditionally rollback() BigdataSailConnection if dirty Closed
642 BLZG-735 Property paths do not work inside of exists/not exists filters Closed
643 BLZG-736 Add web.xml parameters to lock down public NSS end points Closed
644 BLZG-737 Bigdata2Sesame2BindingSetIterator can fail to notice asynchronous close() Closed
646 BLZG-738 River not compatible with newer 1.6.0 and 1.7.0 JVMs. Closed
647 BLZG-739 SIDs mode creates unnecessary hash join for GRAPH group patterns. Closed
648 BLZG-740 Add a custom function to use full text index for filtering. Closed
650 BLZG-742 can't POST RDF to a graph using REST API Closed
651 BLZG-743 RWS test failure Closed
652 BLZG-744 Compress write cache blocks for replication and in HALogs Closed
653 BLZG-745 Slow query with BIND Closed
654 BLZG-746 Rare AssertionError in WriteCache.clearAddrMap() Closed
655 BLZG-747 SPARQL REGEX operator does not perform case-folding correctly for Unicode data Closed
656 BLZG-748 InFactory bug when IN args consist of a single literal Closed
657 BLZG-749 Deadlock in TestHA3JournalServer.testABC_LiveLoadRemainsMet Closed
658 BLZG-750 Deadlock in TestHA3JournalServer.testABC_LiveLoadRemainsMet Closed
662 BLZG-754 Latency on followers during commit on leader Closed
663 BLZG-755 Issue with OPTIONAL blocks Closed
664 BLZG-756 RWStore needs post-commit protocol. Closed
665 BLZG-757 HA3 LOAD non-responsive with node failure. Closed
666 BLZG-758 Occasional CI deadlock in HALogWriter testConcurrentRWWriterReader Closed
667 BLZG-759 Provide NanoSparqlServer initialization hook. Closed
669 BLZG-761 Doubly nested subqueries yield no results with LIMIT Closed
670 BLZG-762 Accumulating HALog files cause latency for HA commit. Closed
671 BLZG-763 Query on follower fails during UPDATE on leader. Closed
673 BLZG-765 DGC in release time consensus protocol causes native thread leak in HAJournalServer at each commit Closed
674 BLZG-766 WCS write cache compaction causes errors in RWS postHACommit() Closed
675 BLZG-767 Flush indices in parallel during checkpoint to reduce IO latency Closed
676 BLZG-768 Bad patterns for timeout computations Closed
677 BLZG-769 HA deadlock under UPDATE + QUERY Closed
678 BLZG-770 DGC Thread and Open File Leaks: sendHALogForWriteSet() Closed
679 BLZG-771 HAJournalServer can not restart due to logically empty log files Closed
681 BLZG-773 HAJournalServer deadlock: pipelineRemove() and getLeaderId() Closed
682 BLZG-774 AtomicRowFilter UnsupportedOperationException Closed
684 BLZG-776 Optimization with skos altLabel Closed
686 BLZG-778 Consensus protocol does not detect clock skew correctly. Closed
687 BLZG-779 HAJournalServer Cache not populated Closed
689 BLZG-780 Missing URL encoding in RemoteRepositoryManager Closed
690 BLZG-781 Error when using the alias "a" instead of rdf:type for a multipart insert Closed
691 BLZG-782 Failed to re-interrupt thread in HAJournalServer Closed
692 BLZG-783 Failed to re-interrupt thread Closed
693 BLZG-784 OneOrMorePath SPARQL property path expression ignored Closed
694 BLZG-785 Transparently cancel update/query in RemoteRepository. Closed
695 BLZG-786 HAJournalServer reports "follower" but is in SeekConsensus and is not participating in commits. Closed
696 BLZG-787 Incorrect HttpEntity consuming in RemoteRepositoryManager Closed
700 BLZG-791 Add ability to set timeouts for any remote query Closed
701 BLZG-792 Problems in BackgroundTupleResult Closed
702 BLZG-793 InvocationTargetException on /namespace call Closed
703 BLZG-794 Avoid log and throw Closed
704 BLZG-795 ask does not return json Closed
705 BLZG-796 Race between QueryEngine.putIfAbsent() and shutdownNow() Closed
706 BLZG-797 MultiSourceSequentialCloseableIterator.nextSource() can throw NPE Closed
707 BLZG-798 BlockingBuffer.close() does not unblock threads Closed
708 BLZG-799 race condition on select query Closed
709 BLZG-800 select ?g { Graph ?g {} } incorrect Closed
710 BLZG-801 Use nanoTime() to measure time intervals Closed
711 BLZG-802 sparql protocol: mime type application/sparql-query Closed
712 BLZG-803 SELECT ?x { OPTIONAL { ?x eg:doesNotExist eg:doesNotExist } } incorrect Closed
714 BLZG-805 Migrate to openrdf 2.7 Closed
715 BLZG-806 Interrupt of thread submitting a query for evaluation does not always terminate the AbstractRunningQuery Closed
716 BLZG-807 Verify that IRunningQuery instances (and nested queries) are correctly cancelled when interrupted Closed
717 BLZG-808 Support low-latency and high-latency thread pools in the REST API Closed
718 BLZG-809 HAJournalServer needs to handle ZK client connection loss. Closed
719 BLZG-810 Switch to Slf4j Closed
720 BLZG-811 HA3 simultaneous service start failure. Closed
721 BLZG-812 Support HA1 configurations Closed
723 BLZG-814 HA asynchronous tasks must be canceled when invariants are changed Closed
725 BLZG-815 FILTER EXISTS in subselect Closed
726 BLZG-816 Logically empty HALog for committed transaction Closed
727 BLZG-817 DELETE/INSERT fails with OPTIONAL non-matching WHERE Closed
729 BLZG-818 ant bundleJar not working Closed
730 BLZG-819 Allow configuration of embedded NSS jetty server using jetty-web.xml Closed
731 BLZG-820 CBD and Update leads to 500 Closed
732 BLZG-821 describe statement limit does not work Closed
733 BLZG-822 Range optimizer not optimizing Slice service Closed
734 BLZG-823 two property paths interfere Closed
736 BLZG-825 MIN() malfunction? Closed
737 BLZG-826 class cast exception Closed
739 BLZG-827 Inconsistent treatment of bind and optional property path Closed
740 BLZG-828 performance impact of NSPIN Closed
743 BLZG-830 AbstractTripleStore.destroy() does not filter for correct prefix. Closed
745 BLZG-832 BackgroundTupleResult overrides final method close Closed
746 BLZG-833 assertion error Closed
747 BLZG-834 BOUND bug Closed
748 BLZG-835 incorrect join with subselect renaming vars Closed
751 BLZG-838 explicit bindings get ignored in subselect Closed
754 BLZG-840 Failure to setup SERVICE hook and changeLog for Unisolated and Read/Write connections Closed
755 BLZG-841 Concurrent QuorumActors can interfere leading to failure to progress. Closed
756 BLZG-842 order by and group_concat Closed
757 BLZG-843 Wildcard projection was not rewritten. Closed
759 BLZG-845 multiple filters interfere Closed
761 BLZG-846 Cardinality problem with ArbitraryLengthPathOp Closed
763 BLZG-848 Stochastic results with Analytic Query Mode Closed
764 BLZG-849 RESYNC failure (HA) Closed
765 BLZG-850 order by expr skips invalid expressions Closed
770 BLZG-855 alpp ordering ... Closed
772 BLZG-857 Query timeout only checked at operator start/stop. Closed
776 BLZG-860 HTree hash joins fail for MockIVs (runtime generated data values) Closed
777 BLZG-861 ConcurrentModificationException in ASTComplexOptionalOptimizer Closed
778 BLZG-862 HA Leader fail results in transient problem with allocations on other services. Closed
779 BLZG-863 Resynchronization of socket level write replication protocol (HA) Closed
780 BLZG-864 Incremental or asynchronous purge of HALog files Closed
782 BLZG-866 Wrong serialization version Closed
783 BLZG-867 Operator Alerts (HA) Closed
784 BLZG-868 Describe Limit/offset don't work as expected Closed
787 BLZG-870 Update documentations and samples, they are OUTDATED Closed
788 BLZG-871 Name2Addr does not report all root causes if the commit fails. Closed
789 BLZG-872 ant task to build sesame fails, docs for setting up bigdata for sesame are ancient Closed
790 BLZG-873 should not be pruning any children Closed
792 BLZG-874 GRAPH ?g { FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?s ?p ?o } } not respecting ?g Closed
793 BLZG-875 Explain reports incorrect value for opCount Closed
796 BLZG-877 Filter assigned to sub-query by query generator is dropped from evaluation Closed
797 BLZG-878 add sbt setup to getting started wiki Closed
798 BLZG-879 Solution order not always preserved Closed
799 BLZG-880 mis-optimation of quad pattern vs triple pattern Closed
801 BLZG-882 Adding Optional removes solutions Closed
802 BLZG-883 Optimize DatatypeFactory instantiation in DateTimeExtension Closed
803 BLZG-884 prefixMatch does not work in full text search Closed
804 BLZG-885 update bug deleting quads Closed
805 BLZG-886 Move from log4j to logback Closed
806 BLZG-887 Incorrect AST generated for OPTIONAL { SELECT } Closed
808 BLZG-889 Wildcard search in bigdata for type suggessions Closed
812 BLZG-891 weird indefinite logTimeout-s on simple SPARQL PATH quries Closed
813 BLZG-892 Documentation on BigData Reasoning. Closed
814 BLZG-893 TRAC CC Issues Closed
815 BLZG-894 RDR query does too much work Closed
816 BLZG-895 Wildcard projection ignores variables inside a SERVICE call. Closed
817 BLZG-896 Unexplained increase in journal size Closed
819 BLZG-898 Retrieve default namespace on page load Closed
820 BLZG-899 Allow non-file:// URLs to be loaded Closed
821 BLZG-900 Reject large files, rather then storing them in a hidden variable Closed
822 BLZG-901 Explain should show results too Closed
823 BLZG-902 Disable textarea when a large file is selected Closed
825 BLZG-903 Set up Selenium Closed
826 BLZG-904 Create shortcut to execute load/query Closed
827 BLZG-905 Explore tab Closed
828 BLZG-906 Save selected namespace in browser Closed
829 BLZG-907 Export query results Closed
830 BLZG-908 Output RDF data from queries in table format Closed
831 BLZG-909 UNION with filter issue Closed
832 BLZG-910 Graph filter works on different graph that selected one Closed
835 BLZG-913 Query solutions are duplicated and increase by adding graph patterns Closed
836 BLZG-914 Allow user to create namespace in the workbench Closed
837 BLZG-915 Configurator for new namespaces Closed
838 BLZG-916 Support ASK queries Closed
841 BLZG-919 Using "VALUES" in a query returns lexical error Closed
842 BLZG-920 Deleting default namespace causes /bigdata/sparql to disappear Closed
843 BLZG-921 Create new tabs for status & performance counters, and add per namespace service/VoID description links Closed
844 BLZG-922 Use new URL for retrieving default namespace Closed
845 BLZG-923 Display the properties for a namespace Closed
846 BLZG-924 RDF Format selector should be visible at all time on Load panel Closed
847 BLZG-925 Query results panel should recognize well known namespaces for easier reading Closed
848 BLZG-926 Fix SPARQL Results JSON writer to write the RDR syntax Closed
849 BLZG-927 Create writers that support the RDR syntax Closed
850 BLZG-928 Search functionality Closed
851 BLZG-929 RDR GAS interface Closed
852 BLZG-930 RemoteRepository.cancel() does not consume the HTTP response entity. Closed
853 BLZG-931 Follower does not accept POST of idempotent operations (HA) Closed
854 BLZG-932 Allow override of maximum length before converting an HTTP GET to an HTTP POST Closed
855 BLZG-933 AssertionError: Child does not have persistent identity Closed
856 BLZG-934 Update current namespace in list when one is selected Closed
857 BLZG-935 Display exploration target in header box Closed
858 BLZG-936 Change explore URLs to include URI being clicked so user can see what they've clicked on before Closed
859 BLZG-937 Investigate Mustache/Grunt for templateing Closed
861 BLZG-938 Support GAS Workflows Closed
862 BLZG-939 Create parser for JSON SPARQL Results Closed
863 BLZG-940 HA1 commit failure Closed
864 BLZG-941 Interrupt of Query is sometimes turned into hasNext() reporting false. Closed
865 BLZG-942 OutOfMemoryError instead of Timeout for SPARQL Property Paths Closed
866 BLZG-943 Batch remove API for the SAIL Closed
867 BLZG-944 NSS concurrency problem with list namespaces and create namespace Closed
868 BLZG-945 COUNT(DISTINCT) returns no rows rather than ZERO. Closed
871 BLZG-947 Code audit for Thread.isInterrupted() versus Thread.interrupted() Closed
872 BLZG-948 Full text index range count optimization Closed
873 BLZG-949 Allow user to go use browser back & forward buttons to view explore history Closed
874 BLZG-950 FILTER not applied when there is UNION in the same join group Closed
876 BLZG-952 When I upload a file I want to see the filename. Closed
877 BLZG-953 RDF Format selector is invisible Closed
878 BLZG-954 Explore page looks weird when empty Closed
879 BLZG-955 URI not explorable Closed
880 BLZG-956 Can't explore an absolute URI with < > Closed
881 BLZG-957 Syntax Highlighting in Query Tab Closed
882 BLZG-958 Abbreviate URIs that can be namespaced with one of the defined common namespaces Closed
883 BLZG-959 CANCEL Query fails on non-default kb namespace on HA follower. Closed
884 BLZG-960 Executing a new query should clear the old query results from the console Closed
885 BLZG-961 Panels do not appear on startup in Firefox Closed
886 BLZG-962 Provide workaround for bad reverse DNS setups. Closed
887 BLZG-963 BIND is leaving a variable unbound Closed
888 BLZG-964 GRAPH ignored by FILTER NOT EXISTS Closed
890 BLZG-966 Browsing history doesn't work well with Chrome Closed
891 BLZG-967 Add SKOS Namespace Prefix Button to the Query Page Closed
892 BLZG-968 HAJournalServer does not die if zookeeper is not running Closed
893 BLZG-969 large sparql insert optimization slow? Closed
894 BLZG-970 unnecessary synchronization Closed
895 BLZG-971 stack overflow in populateStatsMap Closed
899 BLZG-975 REST API Query Cancellation Closed
904 BLZG-978 AssertionError: PropertyPathNode got to ASTJoinOrderByType.optimizeJoinGroup Closed
905 BLZG-979 unsound combo query optimization: union + filter Closed
906 BLZG-980 DC Prefix Button Appends "</li>" Closed
907 BLZG-981 Add a quick-start ant task for the BD Server "ant start" Closed
910 BLZG-984 presentation of syntax errors in WebUI Closed
911 BLZG-985 server errors displayed poorly in WebUI Closed
912 BLZG-986 Provide a configurable IAnalyzerFactory Closed
913 BLZG-987 Blueprints API Implementation Closed
914 BLZG-988 Settable timeout on SPARQL Query (REST API) Closed
915 BLZG-989 DefaultAnalyzerFactory issues Closed
916 BLZG-990 Bigdata NSS run as the "bigdata" user & group in Chef Deployments Closed
919 BLZG-993 Formatted Layout for Status pages. Closed
920 BLZG-994 Content negotiation orders accept header scores in reverse Closed
922 BLZG-996 Update Copyright notice for 2014 Closed
923 BLZG-997 Refactor systap-aws-bigdata-ha project to use public bigdata cookbook Closed
931 BLZG-999 Scale-out support for RDR (asynchronous statement buffer factory) Closed
932 BLZG-1000 Bigdata/Rexster integration Closed
933 BLZG-1001 optional eval order Closed
934 BLZG-1002 BlankNodes with same ids are treated as different Closed
936 BLZG-1003 Support larger metabit allocations Closed
938 BLZG-1004 Support HA Load Balancer Closed
939 BLZG-1005 NSS does not start from command line: bigdata-war/src not found. Closed
940 BLZG-1006 ProxyServlet in web.xml breaks tomcat WAR (HA LBS) Closed
941 BLZG-1007 HA LBS Gateway errors under heavy load Closed
942 BLZG-1008 Property path errors in scale-out deployment Closed
943 BLZG-1009 bad DISTINCT * subselect with no vars Closed
944 BLZG-1010 DAWG sparql11-subquery-05 fails in scale-out Closed
945 BLZG-1011 KB Create fails in scale-out for quads mode example from the REST API page Closed
946 BLZG-1012 Empty PROJECTION causes IllegalArgumentException Closed
951 BLZG-1016 Merge DEPLOYMENTS branch back to the main branch Closed
954 BLZG-1019 Bug with join ordering for UNIONS+ASTComplexOptionalOptimizer Closed
955 BLZG-1020 StaticOptimizer should always choose a ZERO cardinality tail first Closed
957 BLZG-1022 Investigate more efficient Blob storage Closed
960 BLZG-1025 Export namespace properties in XML/Java properties text format Closed
961 BLZG-1026 Clone/modify namespace to create a new one Closed
965 BLZG-1028 Cannot run queries in LBS mode with HA1 setup Closed
966 BLZG-1029 Failed to get namespace list under concurrent update Closed
967 BLZG-1030 Replace Apache Http Components with jetty http client (was Roll forward the apache http components dependency to 4.3.3) Closed
968 BLZG-1031 no link to wiki from workbench Closed
969 BLZG-1032 atomicity / delete insert issue Closed
972 BLZG-1034 double filter error Closed
973 BLZG-1035 RWStore.commit() should be more defensive Closed
974 BLZG-1036 Name2Addr.indexNameScan(prefix) uses scan + filter Closed
975 BLZG-1037 HA health page Closed
976 BLZG-1038 Reduce IOPs for scatter index updates Closed
977 BLZG-1039 Use Async IO in WriteCacheService flush() Closed
980 BLZG-1040 Object position of query hint is not a Literal. Closed
981 BLZG-1041 AssertionError BigdataValue not available: ConstantNode(XSDBoolean(false) Closed
982 BLZG-1042 RDFDataLoadMaster seems to make no progress when I use 2 ClientService instances Closed
983 BLZG-1043 Concurrent insert data with boolean object causes IllegalArgumentException Closed
984 BLZG-1044 Provide URL query parameter to set the Accept Content-Type Closed
985 BLZG-1045 Deadlock in BigdataTriplePatternMaterializer Closed
986 BLZG-1046 Improve locality for small allocation slots Closed
987 BLZG-1047 maven build is broken Closed
988 BLZG-1048 bad performance for FILTER EXISTS Closed
990 BLZG-1049 Query hints not recognized in FILTERs Closed
992 BLZG-1051 Deadlock between AbstractRunningQuery.cancel(), QueryLog.log(), and ArbitraryLengthPathTask Closed
995 BLZG-1053 Allow general purpose SPARQL queries through BigdataGraph Closed
996 BLZG-1054 Add custom prefix support for query results Closed
997 BLZG-1055 Refactor query history storage to use JSON.stringify Closed
998 BLZG-1056 SPARQL Update through BigdataGraph Closed
999 BLZG-1057 Extend BigdataSailFactory to take arbitrary properties Closed
1000 BLZG-1058 Add configuration option to turn off bottom-up evaluation Closed
1002 BLZG-1060 Concurrency issues in JVMHashJoinUtility caused by MAX_PARALLEL query hint override Closed
1003 BLZG-1061 Property path operator should output solutions incrementally Closed
1004 BLZG-1062 Concurrent Binding Problem Closed
1005 BLZG-1063 Invalidate BTree objects if error occurs during eviction Closed
1006 BLZG-1064 Transitive inference not reaching fixed point Closed
1007 BLZG-1065 Using a bound variable to refer to a graph Closed
1008 BLZG-1066 remote service queries should put parameters in the request body when using POST Closed
1011 BLZG-1067 IllegalArgumentException while executing optional property path Closed
1014 BLZG-1070 The Bronze Guru Closed
1015 BLZG-1071 Memory leaks in NSS test suite Closed
1016 BLZG-1072 Jetty/LBS issues when deployed as WAR under tomcat Closed
1018 BLZG-1073 Add the ability to track and cancel all queries issued through a BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection Closed
1019 BLZG-1074 Fix Jeremy's JSON-related Protocol tests in 2.7 branch Closed
1020 BLZG-1075 Ability to impose timeout on query using REST API Closed
1022 BLZG-1076 error during namespace deletion Closed
1024 BLZG-1077 GregorianCalendar does weird things before 1582 Closed
1026 BLZG-1079 SPARQL UPDATE with runtime errors causes problems with lexicon indices Closed
1027 BLZG-1080 Importing RDF on Tomcat7 on Mavericks Closed
1028 BLZG-1081 very rare NotMaterializedException: XSDBoolean(true) Closed
1029 BLZG-1082 RWStore commit state not correctly rolled back if abort fails on empty journal Closed
1030 BLZG-1083 RWStorage stats cleanup Closed
1033 BLZG-1085 NPE if remote http server fails to provide a Content-Type header Closed
1034 BLZG-1086 ORDER BY is not reliable when used with text search Closed
1035 BLZG-1087 DISTINCT PREDICATEs query is slow Closed
1036 BLZG-1088 Journal file growth reported with 1.3.3 Closed
1037 BLZG-1089 REDUCED) {single-triple-pattern} is slow. Closed
1038 BLZG-1090 RDR RDF parsers not always discovered Closed
1040 BLZG-1092 bigdata stucking on a macbookpro 3GHZ 16GB SSD Closed
1042 BLZG-1093 Prepare 1.4.0 release Closed
1043 BLZG-1094 Nullpointer in DataLoader Closed
1044 BLZG-1095 ORDER_BY ordering not preserved by projection operator Closed
1047 BLZG-1098 NQuadsParser hangs when loading latest dbpedia dump. Closed
1049 BLZG-1100 github builds not up to date Closed
1050 BLZG-1101 Feature request: pre-heat the journal on startup Closed
1052 BLZG-1103 ASTComplexOptionalOptimizer did not account for Values clauses Closed
1054 BLZG-1105 BigdataGraphFactory create method cannot be invoked from the gremlin command line due to a Boolean vs boolean type mismatch. Closed
1059 BLZG-1108 GROUP BY optimization using distinct-term-scan and fast-range-count Closed
1061 BLZG-1110 Server does not generate RDR aware JSON for RDF/SPARQL RESULTS Closed
1063 BLZG-1112 Workbench does not translate automatic namespace prefixes Closed
1067 BLZG-1115 Add a streaming API for construct queries on BigdataGraph Closed
1068 BLZG-1116 Add a streaming API for select queries on BigdataGraph Closed
1069 BLZG-1117 Connection management with Blueprints Closed
1071 BLZG-1119 problems with UNIONs + complex OPTIONAL groups Closed
1072 BLZG-1120 Add a configurable ALP service Closed
1073 BLZG-1121 SPARQL UPDATE QUADS DATA error with literals (SES-2063) Closed
1074 BLZG-1122 Eclipse project in git repository is broken Closed
1075 BLZG-1123 LaunderThrowable should not always throw an exception Closed
1077 BLZG-1125 NamedLock not guaranteed released along all code paths. Closed
1078 BLZG-1126 Possible tight loop in cursor.prior() Closed
1079 BLZG-1127 JVMNamedSubqueryOp throws ExecutionException with OPTIONAL and FILTER query Closed
1080 BLZG-1128 Snapshot mechanism breaks with metabit demi-spaces Closed
1081 BLZG-1129 Problem with IPV4 support Closed
1082 BLZG-1130 Add ability to dump threads to status page Closed
1084 BLZG-1132 Exception while computing closure Closed
1086 BLZG-1133 Loading quads data into a triple store should strip out the context Closed
1087 BLZG-1134 Named subquery results not referenced within query (bottom-up evaluation) Closed
1089 BLZG-1136 expose version information in workbench or endpoint Closed
1092 BLZG-1138 Set query timeout and response buffer length on jetty response listener Closed
1096 BLZG-1142 Configuration property for jetty request buffer size. Closed
1097 BLZG-1143 Extension REST API does not support multiple context values Closed
1100 BLZG-1146 Literals with langs must be of rdf:langString datatype Closed
1103 BLZG-1149 Executable Jar should bundle the BuildInfo class Closed
1104 BLZG-1150 BlazeGraph release 1.5.1 Closed
1105 BLZG-1151 SPARQL UPDATE should have nice error messages when namespace does not support named graphs Closed
1108 BLZG-1154 NSS startup error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not hierarchical Closed
1109 BLZG-1155 hasStatements can overestimate and ignores includeInferred (REST API) Closed
1110 BLZG-1156 Data race in Closed
1111 BLZG-1157 Disable the default namespace create (NSS/HA) Closed
1113 BLZG-1158 Add hook to override the DefaultOptimizerList Closed
1114 BLZG-1159 startHAServices no longer respects environment variables Closed
1115 BLZG-1160 Build version in SF GIT master is wrong Closed
1116 BLZG-1161 needs updating for Blazegraph transition Closed
1118 BLZG-1163 Optimized variable projection into subqueries/subgroups Closed
1125 BLZG-1168 OSX vm_stat output has changed Closed
1127 BLZG-1170 Extend ESTCARD method for exact range counts (REST API) Closed
1129 BLZG-1171 Concurrent modification problem with group commit. Closed
1130 BLZG-1172 ClocksNotSynchronizedException (HA, GROUP_COMMIT) Closed
1132 BLZG-1174 GlobalRowStoreHelper can hold hard reference to GSR index (GROUP COMMIT) Closed
1136 BLZG-1178 Bad Address: length requested greater than allocated slot (RWStore, GROUP COMMIT, HA-only) Closed
1139 BLZG-1180 BigdataSailFactory.connect() Closed
1142 BLZG-1182 Isolation broken in NSS when groupCommit disabled Closed
1143 BLZG-1183 GROUP_COMMIT environment variable Closed
1146 BLZG-1185 SPARQL Federated Query uses too many HttpClient objects Closed
1147 BLZG-1186 DELETE DATA must not allow blank nodes Closed
1149 BLZG-1188 RWStore error or bad disk? Closed
1152 BLZG-1191 BigdataSailFactory must be moved to the client package Closed
1153 BLZG-1192 ant "bigdata-client" does not bundle the openrdf remote classes Closed
1154 BLZG-1193 Integrate filters into the ALP service Closed
1155 BLZG-1194 Allow some inline IVs into the text index (IPv4) Closed
1161 BLZG-1196 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during query evaluation Closed
1162 BLZG-1197 com.bigdata.BuildInfo missing in .war file Closed
1172 BLZG-1205 Online backup for Journal. Closed
1174 BLZG-1206 Sail/Repository.size() should not count inferred statements Closed
1177 BLZG-1209 Resource... contexts not encoded/decoded according to openrdf semantics (REST API) Closed
1179 BLZG-1211 Inline URIs should work more like inline values Closed
1180 BLZG-1212 bigdata-rdf Zookeeper Dependency Closed
1182 BLZG-1214 BigdataGraphFactory Connect Closed
1183 BLZG-1215 Gremlin Shell Hangs on Exit with remote Blazegraph instance Closed
1185 BLZG-1217 BigdataGraphFactory.create not working Closed
1187 BLZG-1219 CREATE DATA SET does not report Location header Closed
1191 BLZG-1221 BigdataSailRemoteRepository uses non-daemon thread pool Closed
1192 BLZG-1222 Query fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Closed
1194 BLZG-1224 LookupStarter has broken reference to lookup.config Closed
1210 BLZG-1235 BOpUtility.postOrderIteratorWithAnnotations() is has wrong visitation order. Closed
1229 BLZG-1237 DumpJournal fails on non-BTree/HTree classes Closed
1232 BLZG-1240 faster canceling Closed
1235 BLZG-1243 bigdata-client does not invoke ServiceProviderHook.forceLoad() Closed
1253 BLZG-1258 Allow incoming bindings in search service Closed
1257 BLZG-1261 createRepository() does not set the namespace on the Properties Closed