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(2015 Q4 (v1.6))
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[https://jira.blazegraph.com/projects/BLZG/versions/10200 JIRA]
[https://jira.blazegraph.com/projects/BLZG/versions/10200 JIRA]
* Maven Artifacts
* Maven Artifacts
* GPU Accelerated SPARQL Query
* Improved Deployment Capabilities
* Improved Deployment Capabilities
* Improved Load Performance
* Non-blocking hash joins for faster query plans (both JVM and analytic mode)
* Geospatial preview
== 2016 Q1 (v2.0) ==
== 2016 Q1 (v2.0) ==

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SYSTAP announces the launch of Blazegraph

SYSTAP is very pleased to launch it’s new graph database platform Blazegraph™ with the 1.5.0 software release available now on Sourceforge. It is built on the same platform and maintains 100% binary and API compatibility with Bigdata®. Blazegraph™ will take over as SYSTAP’s flagship graph database.

This is an overview of the Blazegraph™ roadmap. Features and release dates are subject to change.

Milestone Releases

2011 Q2 (v1.0.0 : Performance)

  • Smaller on disk footprint and faster data load.
  • A new persistence store which scales to ~50B triples/quads on a single machine.
  • A new query engine. It's faster, has a smaller footprint in memory and is more extendable.
  • 100% native SPARQL evaluation.
  • Easy start install.
  • Released on 7/5/2011.

2011 Q4 (v1.1.0 : Analytics)

  • SPARQL 1.1 support (Sesame 2.5) (except property paths and update).
  • Scalable analytic operators.
  • New extendable hash tree index.
  • Memory manager to relieve the JVM heap pressure. 100% native Java solution gets data off the JVM object heap.
  • Much faster query plans for complex optional groups and UNION.
  • BLOBs index (large literal and large URI support).

2012 Q1 (v1.2.0)

  • SPARQL 1.1 Service Description
  • SPARQL 1.1 Basic Federated Query
  • New integration point for custom services.
  • Remote Java client for NanoSparqlServer
  • Sesame 2.6.3 dependency
  • Ganglia integration (cluster)
  • Performance improvements (cluster)

2013 Q2 (v1.2.3)

  • SPARQL 1.1 Update Extensions (SPARQL_Update for named solution sets).
  • SPARQL 1.1 Property Paths.
  • Remote Java client for Multi-Tenancy extensions NanoSparqlServer
  • Sesame 2.6.10 dependency
  • Plus numerous other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

2013 Q4 (v1.3.0)

  • Highly Available Replication Cluster (HAJournalServer)
  • Graph Mining API for RDF (PageRank, Connected Components, BFS, SSSP and more).

2014 Q1 (v1.3.1)

2014 Q3 (v1.3.2)

  • A variety of bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Health status for HA and other deployment modes.

2014 Q3 (v1.3.3)

  • Critical bug fix release (critical section protection and SPARQL UPDATE consistency issue)

2014 Q4 (v1.3.4)

2014 Q4 (v1.4.0)

  • Openrdf 2.7 support (#714).
  • Workbench error handling improvements (#911)
  • Various RDR specific bug fixes for the workbench and server (#1038, #1058, #1061)
  • Numerous other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

2015 Q1 (v1.5.0 - BlazeGraph)

Initial BlazeGraph release.

  • Simplified deployer (Executable Jar)
  • Replaced apache client with jetty client (fixes http protocol layer errors in apache #967)
  • ALP Service (#1072)
  • Several bug fixes.
  • Several query optimizations.

2015 Q1 (v1.5.1)

  • Numerous correctness fixes (OPTIONAL, BIND() when constructing a non-inline value, GRAPH)
  • Query optimization for OPTIONAL.
  • Query optimization for property paths.
  • Concurrent writers and group commit (beta).
  • See http://trac.bigdata.com/ticket/1104

2015 Q2 (v1.5.2)


  • External SOLR Search
  • SPARQL Conformance Updates

2015 Q3 (v1.5.3)


  • Minor release for bug fixes and updates

Planned Milestone Releases

2015 Q4 (v1.6)


  • Maven Artifacts
  • Improved Deployment Capabilities
  • Improved Load Performance
  • Non-blocking hash joins for faster query plans (both JVM and analytic mode)
  • Geospatial preview

2016 Q1 (v2.0)

  • GA release for the horizontally scaled architecture.
  • HDFS integration for scale-out services.

Accelerating Features

Development is driven by our both personal vision and by what people are telling us they need. If you want to accelerate a feature by underwriting its development, contact-us or see if developer support is an option for you. We offer discounts for startups, research, and non-profit organizations.