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This is meant to be a living document for performing releases of the bigdata project. See

Project releases are done as branches in SVN. The branch name has the general form BIGDATA_RELEASE_X_Y_Z which corresponds to version X.Y.Z. This way the project name makes it into the tag and hence into the directory when it is checked out from SVN. Use a branch for the release since there is an expectation that we will have to support the branch.


  • notify developers that we are closing the branch down for a release and wait for the all clear.
  • verify the CI builds.
  • write release notes and commit in bigdata/src/releases.


  • create a branch for the release in SVN.
  • bump the version in
  • create a VERSION in trac for the release so people can file bugs against it (Admin -> Versions -> Add Version BIGDATA_RELEASE_X_Y_Z).

After actions

  • notify developers that the branch is open again.
  • blog it [1] and elsewhere.
  • post the release notes to the sourceforge project news (admin -> features -> news -> submit)
  • send out an email announcement (we maintain a mailing list).
  • update (version and release date).