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Blazegraph™ is a flagship product of SYSTAP, LLC. It has been a market leader since 2006 in providing high performance, scalable solutions for graphs. SYSTAP provides Developer support, Production support and Custom Services for all its software solutions.

Quick Start

Getting Started Guide provides installation instructions and a quick jump into Blazegraph™. You will be able to setup development environment, load data and run SPARQL queries.

First Application Tutorial will guide you through the process of adding Blazegraph™ components to your application.

High Availability

The HAJournalServer provides a highly available replication cluster for the scale-up database deployment architecture.


Scalability of the Blazegraph product covers all application needs starting from small applications with embedded storages, to larger standalone applications, to highly available applications using HA replication cluster, and to the extends of 50B statements stored in HA Replication Cluster or even more in Scale-out Cluster. There are different operating modes (triples, provenance, and quads), and 100s of configuration options.


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