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The following instructions will let you run the LUBM benchmark against an embedded bigdata database.

The NanoSparqlServer is used to answer SPARQL queries. It "knows" about bigdata's MVCC semantics (multi-version concurrency control) and will issue queries to a read-only connection reading from the last commit time on the database and may have somewhat better performance or concurrency as a result. You can more or less follow the same instructions if you want to run against a bigdata federation, but you will have to have the federation up and running already and you will have to use the bulk data loader for the federation to get the data into the database.

# check out the trunk:
svn checkout ....

# build bigdata
ant clean bundleJar

# Switch to the lubm package.
cd bigdata-lubm

# Edit

# generate the LUBM data set per the file.
ant run-generator

# load an LUBM data set into bigdata per the file.
ant run-load

# start an http sparql endpoint for that bigdata database instance.
ant start-nano-server

# run the lubm queries.
ant run-query