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High Level Features

  • High Performance Native graph database
  • Blueprints API or RDF/SPARQL
  • Highly Available Replication Clusters (HAJournalServer)
  • Single machine data storage to ~50B triples/quads (RWStore)
  • Clustered data storage is essentially unlimited (BigdataFederation)
  • REST API with embedded and/or webapp deployment (NanoSparqlServer)
  • Fast 100% native SPARQL 1.1 evaluation
  • Fast RDFS+ inference and truth maintenance
  • Triples, quads, or Reification Done Right (RDR) support
  • 100% Java memory manager leverages the JVM native heap (no GC)
  • Vertex-centric API (GASService)
  • Dual license: GPLv2 or commercial
  • Developer and production support subscriptions

Detailed Feature Matrix

Blazegraph 1.5.1 Features Matrix