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Most new feature development needs to take place in a branch. This page needs updating for GIT guidelines.


Blazegraph moved to GIT with release 1.5.1.

Feature Branches

The general model is to create a feature branch from GIT master. The name of the branch should correspond to the JIRA ticket number for the feature or defect. An example is below with BLZG-101. Once the feature is complete, create a Pull Request through GitHub and this will trigger CI and code review. The JIRA ticket should be updated to reflect the status.

Feature branch for BLZG-101

git branch BLZG-101

Track the branch to origin/master

git branch -u origin/master BLZG-101

Checkout the branch and write the code.

git branch checkout BLZG-101

Listing and Creating Tags

List the tags:

 git tag -l

Tag a release:

 git tag -a v1.3.3 -m "1.3.3 release"
 git push origin v1.3.3


SVN is not longer used for Blazegraph after the 1.4.x release.