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Blazegraph™ is a standards-based, high-performance, scalable, open-source graph database. Written entirely in Java, the platform supports Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL 1.1 family of specifications, including Query, Update, Basic Federated Query, and Service Description. Blazegraph™ supports novel extensions for durable named solution sets, efficient storage and querying of reified statement models, and scalable graph analytics. The database supports multi-tenancy and can be deployed as an embedded database, a standalone server, a highly available replication cluster, and as a horizontally-sharded federation of services similar to Google¹s bigtable, Apache Accumulo, or Cassandra.

The Blazegraph™ Database open source platform has been under continuous development since 2006. It is available under a dual licensing model (GPLv2 and commercial licensing) and through a number of well known OEM companies that resell or embed the Blazegraph™ Database in their applications. Blazegraph (SYSTAP, LLC DBA Blazegraph) leads the development of the open-source project and offers support subscriptions for both commercial and open-source users. Our goal is a robust, scalable, high-performance, and innovative platform.

The Blazegraph™ Database is in production use for customers such as EMC, Syapse, Wikidata Query Service and many others. Learn about Blazegraph with Case Studies, Sample Code, and Videos.